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AWS Industry Week 2022


Learn about the latest cloud best practices and technologies by industry at AWS Industry Week Hong Kong and experience a vibrant hybrid mode program. We will cover a few new industries from the program: F&B and Hospitality, Transportation and Logistics, ESG, Healthcare and Life Science, and Fintech. Don't miss out on the success stories from one of your own, topping off with the latest and hottest cloud technologies and trends.

AWS 於 20212年 9 月 14-16 日舉辦為期三天的AWS Industry Week線上峰會,針對餐飲旅遊、媒體娛樂、金融科技、醫療保健、運輸物流等五大領域,鋪陳一系列智慧創新的最佳實例,期望協助企業做足萬全準備,在後疫情時代出奇致勝、拔得頭籌!

  • 餐飲、旅遊、酒店業如何以AWS Auto Scaling上的無伺服器技術去提升用戶體驗,加強應用程式、網頁界面與電子支付平台的整合,從而簡化付款流程,加速現金流

  • 金融行業在 FinTech 2.0 時代下會遇到的法規問題,如何安全擁抱數碼轉型,輕鬆走進 FinTech 2.0 時代


  1. Aaron Baideme, Head of Platform & Infrastructure, Hex Trust

  2. Allen Yu, CTO, Codex Genetics

  3. Aude Baylet, Global Account Manager, Global Financial Services, AWS

  4. Ben Caselin, Head of Research & Strategy, AAX

  5. Billy Leung, Vice President for Information Security Management, JPMorgan Chase & Co

  6. Chief Sustainability Officer, CLP

  7. Chris Chan, Head of Digital, Maxim's Caterers Ltd

  8. Colm Furlong, Head of SaaS, OSL

  9. Crystal Pang, Founder, Pickupp

  10. Derek So, Business Development Manager, ATAL Technologies Ltd

  11. Dr. Joshua Ho, Associate Professor, School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Hong Kong

  12. Expert from ARUP

  13. Expert from Merck Hong Kong and Taiwan

  14. Expert from Negawatt

  15. Expert from PwC

  16. Grace Li, Account Manager, FSI and Fintech, AWS

  17. Heidi Ho, Principal Consultant, GS1 Hong Kong

  18. Jeff Lee, Vice President, Tradelink

  19. Jeff Yeung, CIO, Pure International

  20. Julian Sham, Head of Health Business - Asia Pacific & Japan, AWS

  21. Kelvin Leung, FSI Compliance Specialist, AWS

  22. Leon Chan, Vice President, Technology, Digital and Data, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

  23. Marco Su, Industry Solutions Architect Team, AWS

  24. Morris Choy, Founder, Molekiu

  25. Nelson Chan, Head of Financial Services Business Development, AWS Hong Kong and Taiwan

  26. Peter Wong, CTO, Prenetics

  27. Renee Wong, Territory Business Development Manager, AWS

  28. Sam Ho, CEO,

  29. Taurus Cheung, Co-Founder, Shipany


F&B and Hospitality

  • Supply Chain Forecast and Optimization

  • Theme Park Management : Improving Guest Experiences Through Technology

  • Loyalty Program: Fascinating trends in customer loyalty technology today

  • AI Powered Social Listening: How Businesses Benefit from that

  • How Technology Facilitated Member Booking System

  • Smart Robot Engagement: The business benefits behind


Transportation & Logistics

  • How Amazon delivers a product to customer's hands with automation

  • Price Comparison Model on AWS

  • Courier Solutions: How Business Can Gain Value from

  • Warehouse Management System: Build the right system for your business

  • Locker Management plays a valuable role in business today



  • Industry Spotlight: AWS for ESG

  • Build an Effective Carbon Credit Solution Platform

  • Drive Carbon Neutrality Forward with Big Data Analytics

  • Negative Watts for your building


Healthcare and Life Science

  • Decentralizing Healthcare with Technology Innovations

  • Modernizing Healthcare Solutions with AWS

  • Bioinformatics Data Analysis

  • Cloud-accelerated solutions for bioinformatics and digital health


FinTech 2.0

  • Fireside chat with JPMorgan Chase & Co - Navigating cloud regulations in APJ

  • The Future of Virtual Assets in Emerging Markets

  • How to build and manage the right platform and infrastructure Transition of exchange to cloud

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