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日期   :   2024 年 5 月 9 日(星期四)
時間   :   2:30 – 3:30pm
語言   :   廣東話

形式   :   線上活動 

Microsoft Discovery Hour:

Get Ready for the New Way of Work



參加我們的免費活動 “Microsoft Discovery Hour:Get Ready for the New Way of Work”,了解如何利用這款 AI 工具幫助您的企業蓬勃發展,提高員工創造力、生產力,並提供更便利的工作體驗。

Copilot 採用了 OpenAI 的大型語言模型技術,可將 Microsoft 365 所有應用程式轉化為更強大的 Office 工具,成功整合了 Word、Excel、PowerPoint、Outlook、Teams、Business Chat 等應用服務,幫助使用者輕鬆回覆電子郵件、分析 Word 文件資料等。Copilot 的推出將顛覆傳統的工作方式,提高生產力和技能水平,讓使用者能更有效率地處理工作,更安全地保護企業資料。

•    透過案例和示範,探索Microsoft Copilot 的功能和方案
•    了解 Microsoft 365 如何處理和保護您的資料以避免資訊過度分享
•    向 Copilot for Microsoft 365 的早期使用者學習



Join us at Microsoft Discovery Hour: Get Ready for the New Way of Work, a free event, to learn how to help your business thrive with this AI tool that empowers workers to advance their creativity, boost productivity and create a culture of collaboration.   

You’ll learn how to get started with Copilot for Microsoft 365 and explore how to use it to transform the way people work and interact with AI. You’ll also learn how to protect your data more securely while deploying this AI tool across the organization.  

Who should attend: 

•    IT and business decision makers  
•    IT and business managers  
•    Change management team  

Technical level: 
This is a foundational-to-intermediate-level course. Attendees should have a basic understanding of the technology and be able to discuss and offer perspective from minimal experience.    

During this event, you’ll be able to: 

•    Understand what is Copilot for Microsoft 365 through use case overview and demos 
•    Realize how does Microsoft 365 handle and protect your data to avoid overshare of information  
•    Learn from early users of Copilot for Microsoft 365


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私隱聲明︰當您留下聯絡資料,代表閣下同意Microsoft 及其合作伙伴可使用您的個人資料,透過電郵及電話聯絡參加是次活動。如想獲得更多Microsoft Hong Kong私隱政策的資訊,請瀏覽

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