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3 Hong Kong and Microsoft Hong Kong announce strategic collaboration

First telecoms operator to adopt Microsoft end-to-end Customer Insight platform to provide a hyper-personalized customer experience

Planning to launch Microsoft Windows 365 for business customers

3 Hong Kong, the mobile arm of Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings Limited (HTHKH; Stock code: 215) and Microsoft Hong Kong, on July 18 announced a strategic collaboration. 3 Hong Kong will use Microsoft’s cloud technology solution to accelerate digital transformation. It is also the first telecoms operator to adopt Microsoft end-to-end Customer Insight platform and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to uplift and enhance customer satisfaction by providing hyper-personalized customer service and digital experience through an all-round analysis of customer needs. The collaboration will also accelerate 3 Hong Kong’s launch of a series of new enterprise solutions for corporate customers to empower them to explore new opportunities and enhance their competitiveness.

Kenny Koo, Executive Director and CEO of HTHKH, said: “We began our digital transformation journey back in 2018, upgrading our technology systems and building a new operating model. The strategic collaboration combines 3 Hong Kong’s strong network with Microsoft (Hong Kong)’s advanced technology solutions. This helps us understand more deeply the needs of our customers to provide highly personalized services, enhance customer experience and business operational efficiency, and greatly accelerate our digital transformation process.”

Cally Chan, General Manager of Microsoft Hong Kong and Macau, said: “The collaboration exemplifies how Microsoft cloud technology has the power to enrich the customer experience. It is also empowering 3 Hong Kong’s team of professionals to optimize efficiency, security, and mobility in their hybrid work model. We are thrilled to collaborate with 3 Hong Kong to help them building a customer-centric and data-driven platform that will ultimately advance their organization and business.”

Dynamic Customer Insights Project builds full understanding of customer needs

3 Hong Kong leverages Microsoft Azure Intelligent Data Platform and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights solutions to build a Dynamics Customer Insights Project. The initiative is designed to build a comprehensive understanding of customer needs. Through AI-driven analytics and business automation with dedicated marketing strategies, 3 Hong Kong can accurately interact with each customer across all touchpoints to create a customer-centric service process and more personalized experience, as well as strengthen interactions and forge closer relationships with existing customers. It also helps 3 Hong Kong identify and reach out to potential customers and acquire new ones.

Through multi-faceted and intelligent scientific calculations and visualizing data analysis using technologies such as AI and Big Data, 3 Hong Kong has integrated the platform into its business to understand customer needs from all perspectives. The collaboration will combine 3 Hong Kong’s extensive 5G network with Microsoft Azure’s secure and reliable global infrastructure to bring new business opportunities to 3 Hong Kong, promptly introducing smart living products and services to customers at the right moment and delivering a more comprehensive and personalized experience.

Microsoft 365 boosts workplace productivity across the board

3 Hong Kong will also be adopting the Microsoft 365 solution across its business to maximize employee productivity. Microsoft 365’s cloud platform will help reduce the costs involved in-office maintenance, infrastructure, and human resources. Employees can access files on the cloud platform anytime, anywhere. Files stored in the cloud are backed up regularly so that the business can continue to operate as usual even in emergencies. In addition, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint Online enable employees to work and collaborate remotely on mobile devices as required.

Join hands to present enterprise cloud solution

In a post-pandemic world, businesses will need a complete set of digital productivity solutions to enable their employees to work efficiently anywhere with a fast and reliable 5G network. 3 Hong Kong has partnered with Microsoft Hong Kong to provide mobile office solutions such as Microsoft 365 and Office 365 to business customers. The two entities are planning to launch Microsoft Windows 365 Business cloud solutions. Corporate customers of 3 Hong Kong can select their preferred managed services including cloud migration, training services and 24/7 technical support by incorporating high-speed 5G mobile communications services and enjoy customized solutions to enhance work productivity and flexibility. Details of the collaboration will be announced soon.

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