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35% of CROs to Establish a Generative AI Ops Team in their Go-To-Market Organization Within 2 Years

  • Gartner Says 35% of Chief Revenue Officers to Establish a Generative AI Operations Team in their Go-To-Market Organization Within Two Years

  • Focus on Generative AI Will Democratize, Accelerate and Enable the Production of Buyer-Centric Messaging and Content

Thirty-five percent of chief revenue officers (CROs) will establish a generative AI operations team in their go-to market (GTM) organization by 2025, according to Gartner, Inc.

Faster, deeper insight generated by AI will accelerate the speed at which GTM teams produce buyer content and adapt to market forces, ultimately improving the reliability of sales’ decision making and improving end-to-end revenue outcomes.

Currently, sellers spend 52% of their time on creating and delivering value messaging across the sales process, according to Gartner’s Seller Time Spend Assessment* of 1,204 sellers in May 2023.

Generative value messaging, or the ability to harness the power of generative AI for buyer-centric messaging and content, will significantly reduce the time it takes sellers to produce and disseminate quality content.

“There is a great burden on sellers to deliver customized value stories to all the buyers in all the deals in their pipeline,” said Dan Gottlieb, Senior Director Analyst in the Gartner Sales Practice. “When generative AI is strategically combined with seller creativity and compelling data, frontline sellers can craft better buyer messaging faster.”

Five Components of Generative Value Messaging in Sales

The Gartner Generative Value Messaging Operational Framework gives revenue leaders a roadmap to start resourcing deliberate generative AI activities, helping them harness its benefits for persuasive and personalized messaging while also managing and mitigating risks.

The framework consists of five components (see Figure 1):

Figure 1. Generative Value Messaging Framework

Source: Gartner (June 2023)

At the front line of generative AI operations are messaging strategists, or internal creators responsible for messaging program design. Their roles involve fine-tuning generative AI models and maintaining content moderation policies, among others, to deliver generative value messaging. By 2025, Gartner anticipates 45% of B2B revenue organizations will list “prompt engineering” as a required skill on job descriptions for messaging strategist roles.

“By adopting generative value-messaging, CROs will improve sales execution for top-line growth, drive resource efficiencies that lower the cost of sales, and create more custom-made content for opportunities previously constrained by the limitations of only humans creating content,” said Gottlieb.

*Editor’s note: The Gartner Seller Time Spend Assessment is deployed directly to the sales force to evaluate how and where sellers are spending time across the sales process. The Seller Time Spend Assessment uses a comprehensive list of 56 selling and non-selling activities to produce a holistic analysis of how sellers manage their time on a weekly basis. Additionally, the assessment includes open response questions to capture seller sentiment (the reasons why they spend their time on activities) and seller perceptions of how their organization’s technologies, support tools and processes impact their productivity. Respondents are required to be quota-carrying sellers from B2B sales organizations.

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