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8 AI Trends To Look Out For in 2023 & 2024

  • By Ema Lukan, Copywriter, Synthesia

  • Ema is experienced digital marketing specialist with a history of working in institutions throughout Europe. Skilled in copywriting, SEO, content creation, community management & brand identity, Ema has a creative mind with an eye for details and strong analytical skills addicted to data interpretation.

Following the latest AI developments, it sometimes feels like stepping into the pages of a sci-fi book or a futuristic film – except it's all happening right in front of our eyes.

The world is changing, and some say that AI could be the fourth industrial revolution.

8 AI trends to look out for in 2023 and beyond:

  • Generative AI will continue its rapid advancement.

  • AI models will evolve from singular to multimodal.

  • AI democratization will expand accessibility and impact.

  • AI will seamlessly integrate into our work.

  • Numerous new use cases will emerge across all industries.

  • AI will enable enhanced and amplified personalization.

  • Digital humans and digital twins will gain significance.

  • There will be a heightened emphasis on AI regulation and ethics.

#1 Generative AI

Generative AI will continue its development, propelled by substantial investments in the field. These investments will drive continued progress in generative AI, fostering the emergence of new tools for text, video, image, and audio generation.

#2 Multimodal AI models

As our interactions become increasingly rich and interactive, multimodality is emerging as a prominent AI trend. AI can now combine numeric data, text, images, and video to achieve more accurate and enhanced outcomes, paving the way for more comprehensive experiences.

#3 Democratization

The democratization of AI is gaining momentum, as a growing number of individuals are embracing a variety of user-friendly and easily accessible AI apps. These applications seamlessly integrate into everyday life, enabling more people to harness the advantages of this technology.

#4 Workplace AI

AI adoption in the workplace enhances processes, productivity, and incomes while simultaneously replacing and creating jobs. The reskilling and upskilling of the workforce will be vital for thriving in this transformative landscape.

#5 New use cases

AI's impact will extend across all industries, introducing new capabilities and combinations that will spur the emergence of novel use cases and applications in education, healthcare, manufacturing, ecommerce, construction, agriculture, and other sectors.

#6 Personalization at scale

Personalization is transforming communication from mass to niche, aiming for one-on-one interactions. Artificial intelligence makes it not only feasible but also scalable, enabling widespread implementation and achieving truly personalized experiences across various channels.

#7 Digital humans and digital twinning

Digital twins will become vital as our interactions shift to the digital realm. These realistic digital representations are gaining importance in various domains such as online meetings, shopping experiences, and healthcare.

#8 Ethics and regulation

AI regulation is gaining importance due to multiple risks associated with the widespread adoption of AI. Some initiatives and regulators are already actively addressing these concerns to ensure responsible deployment of AI.

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