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83% of Americans Report That They Always Wear a Face Mask When Out in Public

83% of Americans Report That They Always Wear a Face Mask When Out in Public, According to New State-by-State Survey Findings

Eighty-three percent of Americans report that they always wear a mask when out in public, according to a new poll commissioned by Slickdeals, the leading social platform for shopping.

The survey of 5,000 Americans (100 people from each state), conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Slickdeals, asked respondents about their mask usage amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the results, people from Wyoming and South Dakota are the least likely to wear a mask every time they go out in public. Forty-six percent of the 100 people surveyed from both Wyoming and South Dakota said they don't wear a mask every time they go out in public around others. North Dakota (34%), Iowa (31%) and Idaho (27%) were also among the top five of states more likely to go mask-less while out and about.

Conversely, the top three mask-wearing states were Rhode Island (96%), Connecticut (95%), and Hawaii (94%).

New York, which was the epicenter of the outbreak at one point, was another state where mask-wearers were more common, with 91% saying they always wear one while they're out in public.

Eighty-four percent of Californians also make sure to wear a mask; similarly, 84% of Texans surveyed also make sure to mask up every time they step out.

However, Texas was the most likely state to say they mask up only to follow state laws and not for their own or others' safety (46%). Ohioans surveyed were in a similar boat, with 43% saying they wear a mask more so to follow laws than for safety reasons.

According to Johan Mengesha, Senior Editorial Director for Slickdeals, "In April, we saw a 423% month over month increase in search volume for the term 'face mask' on our site, and we've continued to see a high volume since that time. California and Ohio, both which reported high usage of masks, were the top two states from where these searches originated."

Interestingly, those who wear masks all the time were found to be a bit more savings-conscious, with mask-wearers having more savings locked away than non-mask-wearers.

Mask-wearers were also more likely to call savings a "top priority" over those who don't always mask up.

"During unprecedented times, we've witnessed our users connect with each other to share information on what to buy and where to buy it for the best value, including items such as face masks," Mengesha added. "Our editorial team recently reported on some of the most frequently asked questions posed by our community including fit, comfort, material and whether or not they would fog up your glasses. We found that it's worth spending a few extra dollars on a reusable mask to be more comfortable and that opting for a mask with a nose wire will reduce the chance of foggy glasses."


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SOURCE: Slickdeals

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