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Baidu Research Unveils Top 10 Tech Trends for 2023

This is the fourth consecutive year that Baidu Research has released its top 10 technology trends outlook. Over the past four years, AI has become a founding pillar of technological development.

Baidu Research, a leading AI research lab initiated by Baidu, today released its predictions for the top 10 technology trends of 2023, including big models, digital-real convergence, virtual-real symbiosis, autonomous driving, robotics, scientific computing, quantum computing, privacy computing, ethics in technology, and sustainability.

Baidu will also showcase its latest tech innovations, including those that are on the top tech trends list for the year, at its annual AI developer conference Baidu Create on January 10, 2023.

"As the application threshold of AI core technologies continues to lower, and the application effectiveness continues to improve, the world is ready for historic change," said Dr. Haifeng Wang, CTO of Baidu and Head of Baidu Research. "This is the fourth consecutive year that Baidu Research has released its top 10 technology trends outlook. Over the past four years, AI has become a founding pillar of technological development."

"The future digital society will be built on advanced intelligent networks, the Internet of Things, blockchain, and other new forms of infrastructure, with natural human-computer interaction and AI serving as a key interaction platform. Virtual-real symbiosis technology will merge the physical and digital worlds, enhancing our experiences and capabilities in both realms," said Dr. Qinping Zhao, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Honorary Chairman of the Industry of Virtual Reality Alliance.

"One of the most crucial fundamental technologies in the Fourth Industrial Revolution is AI. Synergized with autonomous driving, green computing, and life sciences, AI offers significant development opportunities," said Dr. Yaqin Zhang, Chair Professor of AI Science at Tsinghua University, and Dean of Institute for AI Industry Research of Tsinghua University (AIR).

Here are Baidu Research's Top 10 Tech Trends for 2023.

Trend 1: Big Model Building – Big models for industries emerge, providing intelligent upgrades across a wide range of sectors.

Trend 2: Digital-Real Convergence - The increasing demand for AI infrastructure drives deeper integration of digital technology with the real economy.

Trend 3: Virtual-Real Symbiosis - Web 3.0 technology creates a new type of online space, leading to disruptive innovation in the metaverse industry.

Trend 4: Autonomous Driving - Autonomous driving sees new upgrades, leading progress in intelligent transportation.

Trend 5: Robotics - The use of industrial robotics accelerates, addressing labor shortages.

Trend 6: Scientific Computing - AI technology has become a valuable research aid, transforming the paradigm of multidisciplinary research.

Trend 7: Quantum Computing - Breakthroughs in core technologies continue to drive the industrialization of quantum computing.

Trend 8: Privacy Computing - Privacy computing platforms enable data interoperability while balancing value creation with security and trust

Trend 9: Ethics in Technology - Explainable AI technology promotes "mutual trust," making reliable and controllable technology a new competitive advantage.

Trend 10: Sustainability - The focus on green, low-carbon, and sustainable energy grows, with key breakthroughs in edge computing and advanced computing.

The full report is available here:

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