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ChatGPT Plagiarism - New Tool Lets Teachers Know If AI Wrote a Student Essay

A young and ambitious web developer's successful attempt at ensuring that student essays are 'Not Dead' as claimed by proponents of ChatGPT.

Tomer Tarsky, an AI enthusiast with expertise in coding and tech, has developed an innovative plagiarism checker at that helps teachers detect if an assignment was written by an artificial intelligence tool like ChatGPT.

The plagiarism tool, aptly named ChatGPT Plagiarism, follows a long-winded discussion at schools and colleges over worries that ChatGPT's capacity to produce essays and assignments on just about any topic could fuel academic fraud and hinder learners.

Although other similar tools claim to do the same, they aren't foolproof. Tarsky developed his own plagiarism checker that is safer to use, considerably decreasing the chances of imperfect or incorrect results.

Tarsky tested ChatGPT's limit by giving it complicated queries. The AI chatbot could write high-quality essays with a 0% plagiarism rating on standard plagiarism software like Turnitin. Evidently, students could use ChatGPT to write their reports, and teachers won't have a way of distinguishing them from authentic ones.

While academic guidelines are revised to clarify how to incorporate AI tools into the learning loop, plagiarism checkers like this can help educators find and penalize AI-generated homework.

"I decided to build this software as a response to rampant cheating and plagiarism made possible by ChatGPT. Since then, this resource has generated interest from teachers and educators from all walks of academic life. There is already high demand from educational institutions as teachers implement this software to ensure continued learning in their classrooms." - says Tarsky

Tarsky's new software is already used across high schools, and the goal is to get it into universities and colleges. It works by having the teacher enter the topic of the essay. Then the software can generate thousands of ChatGPT essays based on that topic and compare the student's paper or report to the AI-generated ones to give it a ChatGPT plagiarism rating.

ChatGPT had enough material to work with while sorting through text retrieved from the internet because of the long-available essay templates, study guides, and other prepared materials on common assignment subjects. It's also hard to ignore its ability to produce unique, personalized material utilizing natural language and grammar—even if the content is pulled from a database.

So, the battle to end AI-based cheating has started. And ChatGPT Plagiarism tool by Tomer Tarsky seems to be at the frontlines representing educators who are tired of grading human-sounding answers and reports that have, in fact, been written by AI.

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