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CouponBirds Releases 2020 Shopping Season Report Under the Epidemic

Findings from CouponBirds' new report suggest that COVID-19 had a big impact on consumer's behavior during the 2020 shopping season. The report reveals changes in shopping holidays, purchased products, and shopping frequency during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas.

Changes in Shopping Holiday

The coronavirus pandemic reshaped the shopping season in different ways. 2020's holiday shopping season didn't look like those of the past. In 2020, shoppers had multiple reasons to start their holiday shopping sooner rather than later - to avoid crowds in stores, shipping delays, and out-of-stock issues. Most retailers were pulling demand forward by creating early Black Friday events and sending personalized communications to shoppers that will inspire purchasing now. They started the holiday earlier than ever hoping to avoid last-minute logistical nightmares.

Popular Product Categories

As with most things in 2020, COVID-19 changed the purchased products of the shopping season to some extent. When the coronavirus pandemic first hit, several household essentials and other entertainment items sold out swiftly. To be more prepared for the unpredictable future, people were more inclined to buy some necessities during the holiday season. CouponBirds Data Science Team noticed the most popular items people shop for still are health products, gym equipment, and home supplies, such as hand sanitizer, toilet paper, face masks, thermometers, dumbbells, puzzles, disinfecting wipes and spray, etc.

Shopping Frequency

COVID-19 is changing the way people shop as more and more practice social distancing at home. The majority of people said they had spent more time shopping online during the shopping season. According to CouponBirds data, people's online shopping frequency changes a lot - from shopping online "never or almost never" to "once a week" or from "once a week" to "a few times a week". And the epidemic has a contradictory impact on young people's shopping frequency and has little impact on the elderly. Younger people were most likely to shop online before the COVID-19 pandemic. The older people are, the less likely they are to shop online. Their patterns of online shopping also changed less during the COVID-19 pandemic.


About CouponBirds

CouponBirds is the No.1 coupon site in terms of store coverage, coupon accuracy, and valid coupon code numbers. It has been providing customers with free and fresh coupon codes and deals since 2012. With the biggest coupon operation team in the world and continuous engineering efforts, CouponBirds is growing to be the best choice for customers to find valid coupons and deals.


SOURCE: CouponBirds

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