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Hong Kong Privacy Commissioner’s Office Launches “Privacy-Friendly Awards 2023”

  • The Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data (PCPD) announces the launch of the 2nd “Privacy-Friendly Awards 2023” (Awards) and invites applications from interested organisations starting today (5 January).

  • Under the theme of “Embrace Privacy Management Programme to Gain Trust and Benefits”, the Awards aim to recognise the commitment and efforts of enterprises, public and private organisations as well as government departments in protecting personal data privacy.

The Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Ms Ada CHUNG Lai-ling, said, “In the era of big data, the best way for organisations to properly handle vast amount of personal data is to establish a comprehensive Personal Data Privacy Management Programme (PMP) and appoint a Data Protection Officer. This is like protecting the data collected under lock. A PMP highlights an organisation’s commitment to good data governance, which will help increase the confidence and trust of its stakeholders, as well as enhance the organisation’s reputation. We organise the Awards under the theme of “Embrace Privacy Management Programme to Gain Trust and Benefits” this year to encourage more organisations to champion the importance of setting up a PMP.

Participating organisations with designated “Privacy Protection Measures” in place will be awarded. In addition to the Gold, Silver or Bronze “Privacy-Friendly” Certificate, the awardees will be presented with one-year free membership of the PCPD Data Protection Officers’ Club and specified quota of enrolment of the professional workshops organised by the PCPD. Outstanding performers will also be invited to participate in the publicity activities to showcase their achievements in personal data privacy protection.

Interested organisations should complete and submit the online application form and relevant supporting documents on the Awards website by 10 March 2023. The results of the Awards and the arrangement of the Awards ceremony will be announced later.

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