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KDDI Digital Life, Japan’s digital telco, achieves high customer satisfaction score with Circles

KDDI has selected Circles.Life as the telco operating system provider for its new digital telco brand povo2.0 in Japan.

Circles, a global telco technology company, announced high customer satisfaction of povo2.0, the digital telco brand that was launched in Japan with long-standing partner, KDDI Corporation, one of Japan’s leading telecommunications companies.

povo2.0, empowered by Circles X technology, delivers delightful digital experiences to the digital savvy users in Japan

First launched in 2021, povo2.0, by KDDI Digital Life (KDL), adopted a transformative ‘clean sheet’ strategy leveraging Circles’ cloud native SaaS platform, Circles X, to develop and launch differentiated services rapidly. Built for ‘operators by an operator’, Circles X provides operators with a success playbook that equips them with the agility to market and provides digitally savvy consumers with best-in-class experiences.

povo2.0 was launched remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, from Singapore into the Japan market, in just 16 weeks. This was a first for any digital telco brand in Japan. Committed to the motto of ‘no more bill shock’, povo2.0 empowers customers with the freedom to tailor the services in their plans, based on their individual preferences and requirements.

This garnered KDL a net-promoter-score that is significantly higher than the average industry benchmarks, a key measure of customer satisfaction.

Toshitake Amamiya, Executive Vice President of KDDI Corporation says, “I am delighted to have Circles as our partner. They have the proven knowledge and capabilities to serve digital-native users, offering the simple and agile service experience we were looking for.”

Rameez Ansar, CEO and Co-Founder of Circles, says, “As the ratio of digitally savvy consumers increases, so does the need for more personalised digital experiences. It’s now more crucial than ever for telcos to innovate and deliver next-generation digital services to meet the demands of these customers. At Circles, we have the digital and operator expertise to help telco operators to accelerate their digital transformation plans based on the success of operating our own digital telco, Circles.Life, in Singapore, Taiwan and Australia.” He continues, “We are delighted to have a partner like KDL who is at the forefront of innovation and shaping the digital telco landscape in Japan. We look forward to bringing more innovative digital services and experiences to the people.”

Toshiro Akiyama, CEO of KDDI Digital Life says, “The ability to quickly develop and launch differentiated services with a solution that not only works with the KDDI ecosystem but also runs independently from the system, really empowered KDDI to take a bold leap forward with its first-ever digital telco brand.” He adds, “The Circles team runs side by side with KDDI tirelessly to ensure seamless execution of the project, removing the unnecessary hassle of having to manage multiple vendors. the people at Circles are truly its biggest asset.”

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