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LG Expands Benefits For Smart Appliance Owners With Amazon Smart Reorders

Convenient Control, Easy Automation and Convenient Purchasing Combine with Proactive Customer Care to Offer Peace of Mind to LG ThinQ Users

After record numbers of consumers upgraded to smart home appliances in the past year, LG Electronics USA is bringing its users enhanced convenience via its centralized LG ThinQ® mobile app. The company announced today an integration with Amazon smart reorders, offering consumers a smarter way to reorder laundry detergent, water filters and more based on their personalized usage and preferences.

Representing the industry's largest assortment of Amazon smart reorder-compatible smart appliances, LG's lineup of 2020 and 2021 Wi-Fi enabled dishwashers, washing machines, dryers and refrigerators now offer a seamless experience when it comes to restocking detergents, filters and more. Users simply link their Amazon account in the LG ThinQ app and their LG appliance signals to Amazon when supplies are running low so users never run out of essentials.

The service is the latest addition to LG's ThinQ benefits that include convenient control and enhanced tools, easy automation and purchasing, and Proactive Customer Care – the industry-first personalized customer support innovation for LG smart home appliances.

"During the past year, we've seen consumers across the country upgrade appliances in their existing or new homes, incorporate automated tools like subscription and delivery services into their routines and take steps to safeguard their homes. When it comes to offering those features, the LG ThinQ app is a one-stop-shop – delivering both convenience and peace of mind, along with enhanced features that make their lives more enjoyable at home," said Peggy Ang, head of marketing at LG Electronics USA.

Convenient Control & Smarter Tools

With ThinQ, LG makes it easy to manage your Wi-Fi-enabled LG appliances. Start, stop and check the status of laundry cycles from anywhere with internet connection, pre-heat your oven, manage refrigerator temperature settings and more using the app or voice commands via the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Users can even receive alerts via the app if their fridge door is left open.

Plus, make your next meal a little smarter with access to recipes from smart cooking partners such as SideChef, Innit and Tovala. Users can follow step-by-step cooking instructions that automatically send exact temperatures tailored to the recipe from these services to their compatible LG oven, helping dishes come out perfect every time.

Easy Automation and Purchasing

Once an LG smart appliance is connected to the ThinQ app, users automatically receive notifications when refrigerator water filters need replacement based on average usage period – helping users better maintain their appliances with ease. In addition to Amazon smart reorders, ThinQ users can access the app's recently launched accessory store to shop for appliance replacement filters and parts including oven racks, refrigerator bins and more. With manufacturer-approved products, consumers can trust that they are getting the right accessory to match their appliance for optimal performance.

Peace of Mind

LG Proactive Customer Care – now available on more than 250 Wi-Fi enabled washer, dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher and range models2– offers customized maintenance tips and alerts that warn of potential issues before they arise. Since early 2020, LG Proactive Customer Care has grown by nearly 300,000 connected units and product coverage to include LG Wi-Fi enabled dishwashers and ovens. This year, LG launched Monthly Usage Reports, which provide detailed reports about appliance performance, notification history and current status to help users keep their appliances running their best. Plus, users receive reminders when it's time to perform maintenance and step-by-step instructions that make it easier to maintain appliances.


SOURCE: LG Electronics USA

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