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New D-Link Nuclias Cloud Wifi 6 Access Point Powers Professional Network Activities

New D-Link Nuclias Cloud Wifi 6 Access Point Powers Professional Network Activities With Next-Gen AX Performance

At Spiceworld 2020 today, D-Link unveils its first Nuclias Cloud WiFi 6 Access Point (DBA-X2830P), bringing lightning-fast AX3600 speeds and network efficiencies to its management solution. D-Link also showcases two Nuclias Cloud AC1300 Wave 2 Access Points (DBA-3620P and DBA-3621P), boosting WiFi coverage and productivity for outside cafés and shopping areas or combined home/class environments.

"Organizations want enterprise-grade, highly flexible networking solutions to support employees, educators, and end-users who need high-speed connectivity to perform remote and onsite tasks. Along with improved user experiences, businesses also need a comprehensive yet simple system for around-the-clock network management," said Raman Bridwell, vice president, products and services at D-Link Systems. "The evolution of our Nuclias Cloud solution is a testament to where we see professional IT headed and showcases our commitment to next-level engineering."

Next-Gen Cloud Management for Busy SMB Environments

The innovative AX3600 Access Point (DBA-X2830P) integrates WiFi 6, also called AX, advancements in a 100% cloud-based network management platform, substantially improving user experiences with simple account administration and bandwidth allocation capabilities across business scenarios. The result is stellar network efficiency, more mobile and IoT device connectivity, and minimal network congestion in high-traffic professional settings. Nuclias Cloud AX3600 AP further reduces MSPs need to invest and oversee complex servers for business clients and scenarios. Virtual zero-touch deployment and customization via the intuitive app also allow integrators to abide by today's social distancing measures.

Cloud WiFi 6 Access Point Offerings:

  • Up to 3.6 Gbs (1147 + 2402 Mbps) throughput speeds

  • 160MHz channel capacity

  • MU-MIMO maximizes spatial streams to reduce network latency and increase bandwidth

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) 802.3at

  • Free-to-download companion App for desktops and tablets (Android or iOS)

Exceptional Connectivity Wherever and Whenever Needed

A duo of AC1300 Wave 2 Access Points (DBA-3620P and DBA-3621P) expand a business's wireless range and coverage for outdoor applications especially highly dense environments, such as universities or luxury hotels. The APs feature convenient remote deployment, system configuration, and ongoing site analytics via compatible Cloud software app. Both models feature pro-grade antenna arrays, weather and dust resistant components, and durable housing materials.

Outdoor Access Points Specs

  • Combined 1.3Gbps concurrent dual-band data rates

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) 802.3at for energy savings

  • RJ45 console port connectivity

Availability & Pricing

D-Link Nuclias Cloud AX3600 WiFi 6 Access Point (DBA-X2830P) and AC1300 Wave 2 Outdoor Access Points (DBA-3620P and DBA-3621P) are available in September and October.


About D-Link

D-Link designs, develops, and manufactures award-winning products that connect businesses and services providers. It implements and supports unified network solutions that integrate switching, wireless, broadband, IP surveillance, and cloud-based network management. For more, visit us at, or connect through LinkedIn and D-Link Business Blog.


Source: D-Link Systems, Inc.

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