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The 130th Canton Fair Smoothes Global Industrial and Supply Chains

Themed “Canton Fair Global Share”, the 130th Canton Fair will open from Oct 15th to Nov 3rd 2021

The first time to merge digital and in-person activities, the 130th Canton Fair will be held both online and offline over 20 days from October 15 to November 3, 2021.

The 130th Canton Fair is set to be an integrated offering for international businesses to discover the 51 exhibition sections across 16 product categories along with a designated "rural vitalization zone" as well as the annual Canton Fair Design Awards ("CF Awards") celebrations.

Chu Shijia, Vice President and Secretary General of the Canton Fair, Director General of China Foreign Trade Centre, pointed out that the Canton Fair aims to provide more quality products that meet the needs of domesticand international community. Chu noted that since its establishment, the Canton Fair has been an important trade promotion platform for China to promote economic and trade exchanges with other countries, as well as to contribute to the development of an open economy for China and the world, jointly building the Belt and Road Initiative to create a shared future for mankind.

Merged exhibition format offers increased options for buyers

According to the General Administration of Customs in China, the country's total imports and exports expanded 24.5 percent year on year to 21.34 trillion yuan (USD 3.3 trillion) from January to July this year. With business opportunities rising alongside the uncertain challenges brought by the pandemic, the 130th Canton Fair, through its online and offline showcases, will provide more options for buyers around the world, smoothing global industrial and supply chains.

The 130th Canton Fair will have 12 percent more new products to join the mega onsite presentation of more than 20,000 leading local and industrial exhibitors that represent the best of China's advanced manufacturing industry, enabling buyers to discover China's comprehensive supply chain.

As all suppliers will display on a 24/7 basis, the Fair continues to invite buyers to join its online celebration through livestreams, VR showrooms and multimedia product presentations on the official website. Buyers can also join the exhibitors' onsite livestreams for an immersive experience.

Designated zone meets targeted needs

In recent years, China has been committed to poverty alleviation, eliminating absolute poverty. Further supporting formerly poor areas for a sustainable future, the third phase of the 130th edition of the Fair will see the launch of a "rural vitalization zone", both online and offline, to showcase signature products with strong regional characteristics and styles.

Buyers can explore many options ranging from green and healthy organic food, hand-made textile garments to health supplements while embracing the lively business opportunities brought by these areas.

The Fair will also present premium Chinese design through its annual CF Awards celebrations, as well as its physical showroom for its 2020-2021 winning products. Buyers can also find these products and companies online through tags for a more efficient sourcing experience.

The 130th Canton Fair welcomes overseas buyers to attend online, encourages overseas buyers who meet requirements to attend the offline Fair, and will invite foreign-funded companies, representatives of overseas commercial and industrial organizations/ enterprises in China, Chinese branches of overseas chambers of commerce and agents of overseas buyers to attend the onsite event as buyers' representatives.

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