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The State Of Cloud In North America, 2022: Modernization And Cloud Native Will Be The New Normal

Forrester has released two new reports that explore the latest trends in enterprise cloud adoption and usage across both the US (The State Of Cloud In The US, 2022) and Canada (The State Of Cloud In Canada, 2022).

Key findings:

  • Among US enterprise infrastructure decision-makers, 94 percent are using at least one type of cloud deployment — with a majority being hybrid or multicloud. In Canada, this applies to 88% of infrastructure decision-makers. Sixty-four percent of US and 57% of Canadian infrastructure decision-makers at enterprises, respectively, cite modernization as a top IT/operations priority over the next 12 months. Both US and Canadian enterprises are enlisting global service integrators and managed service providers to aid their cloud journey.

  • “Cloud native” — a software development approach that utilizes cloud computing to build and run scalable applications in modern, dynamic environments — will also become the new normal for both US and Canadian enterprises. Seventy-four percent of US infrastructure decision-makers say their firms are adopting containers within a platform as a service (PaaS) in an on-premises or public cloud environment. In Canada, 14% of professional developers report regularly using containers on a public cloud, with 16% reporting regular use of serverless.

Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating cloud usage for US companies in every industry. Forty-one percent of purchase influencers at US enterprises who are prioritizing cloud adoption at their organization noted increased importance of cloud due to the pandemic. Thirty-five percent of purchase influencers at US enterprises predicted they would use more cloud services due to the pandemic.

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