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TransUnion Hong Kong Launches Dark Web Monitoring Service To Safeguard Consumers’ Identity From Cybercriminals

First Dark Web Monitoring service offered by a Hong Kong credit reference agency to strengthen identity protection solutions for consumers

Global information and insights company and Hong Kong’s leading credit reference agency, TransUnion (NYSE: TRU), is launching a new “Dark Web Monitoring” identity protection service to safeguard Hong Kong consumers’ identity and personal data from increasing cybercrime. This new Dark Web Monitoring service, the first to be introduced by a credit reference agency in Hong Kong, further strengthens TransUnion’s identity protection solutions tailored for the needs of Hong Kong consumers.

According to the latest data from the Security Bureau of the Hong Kong Government[1], Hong Kong is currently experiencing an alarming rise in scams with 33,923 fraud cases in the first ten months of 2023, an increase of 52.1% year over year. Among them, nearly 70% are online scam cases.

These data echo the findings of TransUnion’s latest Identity Theft, Fraud & Dark Web Survey[2] which found that around three quarters (74%) of Hong Kong consumers are being targeted by fraudsters and 13% had become victims. Among those victims, 87% suffered monetary loss and 33% of them had lost more than HK$50,000. Despite 60% of the surveyed respondents expressing concern about becoming a victim of dark web scams, only just over 10% are now using dark web monitoring tools. However, over a half (51%) said they are likely to employ such tools eventually.

As the first credit reference agency established locally in Hong Kong, TransUnion understands the importance of identity authentication in supporting business and consumers to make informed decisions thus the protection of personal identity is crucial. Further strengthening its suites of identity protection solutions, TransUnion’s Dark Web Monitoring service is designed to protect consumers from the consequences of personal data being shared on the dark web. The service uses specialised software to search the dark web to identify websites and forums where personal information, especially those commonly used in Hong Kong, is being compromised. It then provides an instant alert so consumers can take timely action to prevent financial loss. Three powerful features of TransUnion’s Dark Web Monitoring service include:

  • 24/7 worldwide cybersecurity guard – the always-on scan covers personal data widely used in Hong Kong including name, Hong Kong identity card number, passport number, date of birth, email address, telephone number, bank account number, credit card number, username and gamertag for comprehensive protection worldwide

  • Powerful retrospective search capabilities – in addition to carefully scanning the dark web in real-time, the tool also looks back in time to find any data breaches to support investigations and analysis of past data losses

  • Actionable recommendations and guided responses – the service offers actionable recommendations and guided responses to help users proactively respond to potential threats, such as changing passwords or notifying authorities

“Identity protection in today’s digital world is of the utmost importance and we should never underestimate the consequences of fraud. The rising number of online fraud cases we’re seeing means that it is more important for consumers to take proactive measures to protect themselves,” said Irene Foo, Director of Consumer Interactive at TransUnion Hong Kong. “The dark web has increasingly become a breeding ground for scammers and cybercriminals who exploit personal information, including not only names and email addresses, but even gaming accounts. As the first credit reference agency to launch a Dark Web Monitoring service, it further expands TransUnion’s identity protection solutions offered in the city to identify potential risks and help mitigate financial losses, providing consumers with the peace of mind they seek in cyber space nowadays.”

TransUnion Hong Kong offers three packages[3] to suit consumers’ needs, from comprehensive packages with Credit Alert and Credit Monitoring services for all-round protection, to a 30-day free trial for all eligible Hong Kong consumers to encourage them to take a first step in enhancing personal data security and identity fraud prevention.

# The 30-day free trial will be cancelled automatically after 30 days without any additional set-up from consumers.

@ The basic credit alert requires activation from consumers.

^ Notifications from TransUnion when key changes are being made to credit account. Key changes include 1) New enquiry made to credit report; 2) New credit accounts being opened under consumer’s name; 3) Address changed; and 4) Phone number changed.

The three packages are exclusively available on the TransUnion HK Credit Report mobile app, which can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store or Google Play.


[1] According to the data from Rising Fraud Cases: Crime Rates Increase Over 30% in the First Ten Months

[2] TransUnion’s Hong Kong Identity Theft, Fraud & Dark Web Survey conducted an online survey on 925 Hong Kong consumers from 21 Aug 2023 to 8 September 2023

[3] Terms and conditions apply. For all product details and features, please refer to TransUnion Dark Web Monitoring service.

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