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Amidas x Microsoft x Veeam Seminar

Exploring the Future : Top Trends of Virtualization 2024

Amidas攜手Microsoft和Veeam打造雲端服務體驗,為大數據、AI 應用打好根基


Amidas、Microsoft 和 Veeam 在5月30日剛完成了工作坊,邀請了雲端架構方面的技術專家分享如何建立高效及完善的混合式雲端 (hybrid cloud)架構系統,為協助企業克服這些挑戰開創了新途徑,透過獨有的獨特功能和強大的經濟效益,協助企業實現現代化,為企業尋找合適的轉型服務提供者及了解混合式雲端架構系統如何解決企業面對的挑戰。




  • 針對老化的伺服器及儲存空間進行改造,同時整合虛擬化的工作量,改變您的基礎雲端架構,以提升雲端的運作效率。

  • 探索Azure Stack Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI)作業系統的新功能,並了解Microsoft及Veeam如何支援您所面對的挑戰。

  • 掌握現代化及即時應對Disaster Recovery Plans的重要性,確保虛擬機器 (Virtual Machines)及資料中心 (Data Centers) 運作正常。

  • 了解Veeam 如何在不改變工作流程的情況下透過多個平台維護您的安全備份。

  • 透過Veeam最新的雲端備份技術,制定專屬您的資料保護及復原策略。

Not everything can run in the public cloud. 


Download the presentation files now to gain invaluable insights from industry experts who have successfully navigated cloud-native hybrid solutions based on a modern subscription and an efficient hyper-converged infrastructure.


Get the insights from the speakers to find the perfect managed service providers to address all your company's challenges and to embark your transformation journey with assurance and adaptability.


Valuable sharing from the speakers include

  • Revolutionize your infrastructure by modernizing aging servers and storage, while consolidating virtualized workloads for on-premises cloud efficiencies.

  • Explore the new features and witness the synergy between Microsoft and Veeam as they unveil Azure Stack Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) Operating System.

  • Master the art of modernizing and accelerating disaster discovery plans, ensuring immediate availability for VMs or entire data centers.

  • Understanding how Veeam can maintain secure backups with multiple platforms without changing your workflow or processes.

  • The latest innovations in Veeam to enrich your data protection and disaster recovery strategies.


Topics and Speakers


In the powerpoint files, there is a case sharing:

McDonald’s retail kiosks: Simplifying in store ordering and IT

Kiosk front-end runs Windows 10 Pro for self-service ordering, with back-end on two-node Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI, secured by Azure cloud.


For enquiries


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