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Connexion PowerTALK Series

>>> PowerTALK Series <<<

We believe all brilliant ideas start with an open conversation. Connexion is hosting the first PowerTALK Series, encouraging great minds in Hong Kong to meet, engage and exchange to make though-provoking conversations. 

2024 - Q1 & Q2

PowerTALK (1) - The Rise of Total Phygital Experience 

Amid the rising excitement of Web 3, making the metaverse real for businesses remains a far fetch. But such excitement is bringing attention to businesses towards developing a Phygital experience—a more realistic approach to prepare for the upcoming Web 3 movement.

This strategy blending physical and digital experiences redefines the traditional omnichannel approach. Instead of simply a tight integration between the different touch points, a Phygital approach merges the physical and digital experience across CX, EX and user experience across all corners of a business.

PowerTALK (2) - Digital Strategy for Recovery and Growth 
The pandemic has changed everything! The way we work, shop, eat and meet are turning digital, and these changes are going to stay. This means businesses are forced to review and revise their digital strategy. 
Join us in this conversation to hit refresh with your digital strategy for the post-pandemic era.

PowerTALK (3) - Data Democratization and Governance
Data is a double-edged sword.  With good use, it reveals hidden gems and bring countless possibilities; but with bad governance, it creates confusion and disastrous issue.
Join us in this conversation to explore topics in data democratization, management, governance and protection.

For more information on the program agenda and sponsorship package,
please contact Simon Yeung at 

What is PowerTALK series

Connexion Series offers a platform for Hong Kong business leaders to engage in an interactive and intimate conversation in an open product-neutral environment.  

Nothing beats face-to-face interaction after endless virtual meetings.  It’s time to go offline! Re-connect with Hong Kong IT leaders to drive excellence with Connexion Series.


We believe all brilliant ideas start with an open conversation.  Connexion Series is an opportunity for great minds in Hong Kong to meet, engage and exchange to make thought-provoking conversations.  


By sponsoring Connexion Series, you can be part of this interactive and intimate conversation. Deepen your relationship with local business and IT leaders by demonstrating your technology and business expertise.

Who we are

Inno-Thought eNews and Ignite Content Marketing combine years of experience in technology events and content development to foster exclusive and experience-sharing dialogues at an engaging and product-neutral environment. 


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It is a powerful content management platform which enables your marketing organization to plan, author, collaborate, and distribute different content to a group of quality audience interested in digital transformation and innovative enterprise management.
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Ignite Content Marketing tells tech stories that inspire. Technologies can be impressive, but also confusing.

 We create powerful content and drive engaging conversations to help business and tech leaders connect the dots and deliver results.

Event Format


Executive Roundtable

  • 2 hour physical event

  • 8-10 pax per table

  • Maximum 3 tables

  • Maximum 3 sponsor speakers

PowerTALK Discussion

  • 3-hour physical event

  • Maximum 30 pax

  • Panel Discussions and Fireside Chat

  • Maximum 2 sponsors

A series of exclusive and interactive dialogues that foster experience-sharing discussions at a product-neutral environment. Driven by specific technology or business topics, these discussions focus on knowledge sharing to empower digital decision makers to excel professionally and personally. 

More topics to explore

Enterprise leaders are desperate to know more about ...      


Digital Strategy

The alignment between IT and business is more important than ever in digitalization. Digital strategy requires collaboration between C-Suite executives with the application and management of technologies.  In this series, we will develop discussion topics around the planning and execution of digital strategies for specific industries (insurance, banking, retail, logistics etc.) or overall Hong Kong businesses. 


Digital Infrastructure 

For many established enterprises, solid reliable legacy infrastructure is often the barrier for transformation. In this series, we will focus the discussions on the management of the increasingly complex hybrid digital infrastructure. The automation and management of on-premise private cloud infrastructure and public cloud environments, and networking technologies.  



Similar to managing COVID-19, having zero incidents is almost impossible to achieve. Instead of aiming for zero incidents, companies are exploring Zero Trust strategy. In this series, we will develop discussion topics around enabling “Never trust, always verify” strategy for managing network, cloud, applications, access and identity security.


Data Strategy

Data is the most important asset for any digital businesses. With good use, it reveals hidden gems and creates countless possibilities; with bad data governance, it creates confusion and even disastrous results. In this series, we will develop discussion topics from managing data lifecycle to democratizing data to create value with technologies like analytics, AI, machine learning. 

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For sponsorship and other enquiries, please contact

Simon Yeung, Sales Director
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