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Global RPA Survey Results—Adoption, Benefits, and Lessons Learned

Key Findings

RPA is still in the early stages, and bot deployments are small.

  • RPA adoption is still early, with 69% starting in the last two years

  • 49% of companies already have bots in production

  • Most companies start small: 57% with 10 or fewer bots, 16% with 11–20 bots

RPA is already delivering business value.

  • Early RPA success is exceptionally high at 89%

  • 79% of processes automated are business functions

  • More than 50% of companies save 30+ hours each week

Practitioners have identified success factors for adopting and scaling RPA.

  • Pick the right processes, understand them well, and start small before scaling

  • Scaling RPA requires overcoming integration, security, and skill-level challenges

  • IT and business stakeholders must be aligned and work closely together

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