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Topic          :   Plan, Build, Run a data resilient strategy for STDB and beyond

Language  :   Cantonese

Cyber-attacks are putting the stability of the global financial system in jeopardy. While most financial institutions have cyber security and business continuity strategy in place, highly sophisticated attacks could potentially propagate to other connected environments, including those in the backup and DR site. 

To address this growing concern, HKMA and HKAB developed the Secure Tertiary Data Backup (STDB) Guideline that is tailored for banks in Hong Kong to enhance data resilience and cyber security. With more banks started their assessment of STDB, we are inviting PwC, the lead consulting firm that designed the guideline, and other technology experts to share their insights to plan, build and run STDB at ease. 

How to design and measure the result of STDB? What are the additional solutions to meet the guideline? How to continuously operate these solutions to withstand and recover from further attacks? Join us in this webinar and find out the answers to all these questions.

  • Mr. Chris Mo, Partner, Risk Assurance, PwC

  • Mr. Ray Cheng, Client Technical Specialist, Technology Sales, IBM Hong Kong

  • Mr. Francis Wong, Lead Security Engineer, Check Point

  • Mr. Victor Chan, Senior IT Architect, Kyndryl Hong Kong


  • Moderator: Ms. Sheila Lam, Editorial Consultant, Inno-Thought eNews




Anticipate, withstand and recover rapidly from catastrophic events 

  • The value of STDB and beyond

  • PwC’s holistic approach for STDB

  • From assessment, scooping to design and plan a data resilient strategy

Plan, build and run an architecture for STDB and beyond

  • Analyse the 9 characteristics that defines STDB

  • Technology solutions dedicated to enhancing data resilience and cyber security for banks in Hong Kong

  • Services to continuously support the operation of these technologies

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