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Delivering Secure Digital Consumer Experiences Using The Edge

2020 has seen a rapid increase in online digital business, with even traditional businesses forced to leverage digital channels to reach out to their consumers. This shift currently underway is here to stay and this will change the business and competitive landscape forever.


The customer journey is moving almost entirely to online channels and consumer facing brands will all have to compete for customer loyalty through their websites and mobile apps. There are two major factors that will increase customer loyalty to a brand in this almost exclusively digital marketplace – user experience and trust.


Customers will reward brands with their trust if they see that their accounts and personal data are protected effectively. Digital businesses will need to ensure that they invest in a digital ready security architecture that can help gain this trust from consumers and also protect revenue streams and ensure regulatory compliance. However, security cannot come at the cost of user experience. Customers will choose security as a gating factor to shortlist their favorites but will finally spend their money on and be loyal to brands that provide them the best user experience.


Delivering and security digital websites using the Edge is the most architecturally elegant way to enable powerful and secure customer journeys.

Powering the next frontier in digital transformation, the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform is the defensive shield that can surround and protect everything — sites, users, devices, data centers, clouds. It is the technology that eliminates friction and enables immersion.


Today, the Intelligent Edge enables the world’s top brands to transform entertainment, business, and life in ways that we have yet to even imagine. A quarter of a million edge servers, deployed in thousands of locations around the world ingest 2.5 exabytes of data per year and interact with 1.3 billion devices and 100 million IP addresses every day. Residing within one network hop of over 90% of the world’s Internet users — it is the only global, massively distributed, intelligent edge platform, with the scale, resiliency and security that businesses demand


In our Edge Computing video, there is an insightful sharing on:


  • Research findings on our recent survey on Delivering Secure Digital Consumer Experiences Using The Edge

  • How your organization can leverage an Edge architecture (e.g. globally resilient content delivery network) today to deliver and/or secure your consumer facing websites

  • What are the key challenges for your security strategy as it relates to digital/online business

  • How you can handle and leverage consumer data to improve the customer journey and maintain compliance with personal data privacy laws

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