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Banking on the mobile boom to boost apps success


More than ever before, consumers are spending hours on mobile apps. In many mobile-first markets like Hong Kong, users are spending close to five hours* on their mobile devices every day. 

Capitalize on these hours spent on mobile apps has become the top priority for many. Study shows two million new apps were launched in 2021 alone. In this crowded market, simply having a mobile app does not guarantee success. 

Providing a seamless and personalized mobile app experience for millions of users is often easier said than done. It is an art and science to wow your customers with unique mobile experience and convert that into tangible business success. 

Watch this video to learn from different successful Hong Kong apps and explore the strategy to win in the competitive mobile apps market. 


Key Discussion Topics


  • Building sustainable success in the mobile-first economy

  • Speed up and scale out apps development 

  • Manage and monitor apps performance to capitalize on mobile success

  • Manage, monitor and monetize mobile apps performance

  • Bring personalization to millions with rich analytics 




  • Wingy Ng, Assistant Technical Manager and Android, GreenTomato

  • Angel Lam, Senior Hybrid Growth Manager, Greater China App Developer Sales, Google 

  • Verlebie Chan, Customer Engineer, Google Cloud 

  • Moderator: Sheila Lam, Editorial Consultant, Inno-Thought eNews 

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