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Innovation Webinar: 
The Speed of Change:

How Fast Are You, IT Leaders?

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The pandemic crisis and the impact of lockdown have been a massive shock to the global economy and to our daily lives. While a “new normal” is developing, the continuation of disruption seems a certainty for some time to come. 

Ingenuity and adaptability will be the critical factors that decide the fate of organizations. Change is happening to every kind of organization at unprecedented speed.  Last year, OutSystems surveyed 2,200 IT professionals and senior IT leaders to find out how fast their organizations can respond to change, and asked them to share what made them more (or less!) ready for change. 

This webinar offers insights into which organizations are leading the race in speed and adaptability as we enter a new era of digital urgency.


  • Ir. John Hui, Chief Information Officer, The Education University of Hong Kong

  • Marouen Zelleg, Senior Director, OutSystems 

  • Matthew Wu, Solution Architect, OutSystems

  • Moderator : Sheila Lam, Editorial Consultant, Inno-Thought eNews




* Please note that the program is subject to change without prior notice.


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Who should attend

  • IT Management - CIO/CTO/CDO/Senior IT Management, Security and Storage Professionals, Data Scientists and Analysts, Enterprise Architects and Developers, Operations and Project Managers

  • Business Management – CXOs, LoB Management, Governance Risk Executives Compliance Managers, Analytics Managers

For further information and RSVP for this exclusive, by-invitation only meeting, please contact us at 

Bonus for registrants

Successful registrants will get a copy of the below whitepapers, a series of  in-depth reports that will boost knowledge of all IT professionals and innovative enterprise leaders.

  • Are your software methodologies able to keep pace with the new market realities?

  • Make Your Business More Agile and Efficient with Low-Code

  • Create a modern application platform for a customer-first culture

  • The Speed of Change.  How Fast Are You?

  • Making the Shift from Legacy: Leading CIOs Spark Transformation and Innovation

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