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Innovation Webinar: 

Building a future-ready hybrid cloud infrastructure by modernizing your application and data strategy


How businesses capture new opportunities in the year ahead will depend on how well they leverage their data and technology. To succeed, organizations need to accelerate their application and infrastructure modernization efforts, and address the increasing complexity that often comes together.


Application modernization comes in many shapes and sizes, it’s not always easy to know where to start. IT infrastructure, on the other hand, underpins everything an enterprise does in their IT and hybrid cloud strategy.

Join us in this webinar and hear from our experts about typical use cases, learnings and best practices. Understand how you can also power up the infrastructure foundation with IBM Power Systems and storage solutions to gear up for the new era of accelerated digital transformation.


* Please note that the program is subject to change without prior notice.


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For further information and RSVP for this exclusive, by-invitation only meeting, please contact us at 

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