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Delivering software securely

> Understanding the software supply chain
> Industry-wide standards and frameworks
> Managed services for each stage
> Getting started

The future of infrastructure will be containerized

Tech companies and startups are rapidly adopting managed container platforms that let them spend fewer engineering resources on maintaining infrastructure and more on road map priorities that drive business outcomes like growth, competitive advantage, and increased profitability.
1. How you can reduce infrastructure management to get to market faster
2. Why consider managed services based on open standards
3. How you can get the biggest bang for your migration buck

The future of data will be unified, flexible, and accessible

Tech companies and startups are learning that to be successful:

1. Why making the most of your data can be a competitive advantage 
2. How to get your data to work for you so you can focus on innovation
3. Why choosing a well-rounded data warehouse option matters
4. How to approach your data migration journey with confidence

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