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15 organizations recognized for their exemplary performance in shaping new trends across APAC

Frost & Sullivan Honors Leading Organizations in Asia-Pacific in the 2nd Virtual Ceremony for the 2020 Asia-Pacific Best Practices Awards

Frost & Sullivan honored Asia-Pacific's leading companies at the 18th annual Asia-Pacific Best Practices Awards on 25 August in the second virtual awards ceremony of the year. A total of 23 awards were presented to organizations for elevating performance benchmarks and for their outstanding achievements in the industry.

These awards were segmented across six major sectors:

  • Automotive

  • Energy

  • Building & Environment Industries

  • Healthcare

  • Information & Communication Technologies

  • Logistics

Congratulating the 2020 winners and recognizing their best-in-class performance, Shivaji Das, Partner and Managing Director, Asia-Pacific, at Frost & Sullivan said: "Against the rapidly evolving business climate, it is imperative that companies today continue to strive and innovate for the future, creating value and driving better business outcomes. Without a doubt, all the deserving recipients here tonight exemplify that positive attitude. They have all done well and excelled in areas such as leadership, technological innovation, customer service and strategic product development, putting them ahead of their competitors."

The award recipients were identified using Frost & Sullivan's proprietary, measurement-based methodology derived from extensive primary and secondary research, in-depth interviews, analysis, and industry benchmarking. Numerous award categories were carefully reviewed and evaluated to reflect the current market landscape and highlight emerging trends in Asia. A detailed study was further conducted on each of the nominated companies, focusing on real-time performance indicators like market share, revenue growth, customer acquisitions, product/service value, and technology innovation. The companies that emerged represent outstanding leaders that are driving positive trends in the Asia-Pacific economy.


Source: Frost & Sullivan

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