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Accelerate Business Growth With Intelligent Cloud ERP


The economic bounce back is on the way.  This is the golden opportunity to accelerate growth with new markets, digitalized models, and innovative offerings. To be the first to capture the newfound growth, businesses must elevate operation agility and transform their financial and business systems.
That is why businesses are turning to Intelligent Cloud ERP. This next-generation ERP is easy to set up, quick to deliver value, and fast to drive growth.

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Secure digitalization and hybrid working with automation


Through automation, enterprises can improve cybersecurity and drive operational efficiency by streamlining identity processes and decisions such as access requests and access certifications. AI-driven identity security also enables organizations to adapt to changing environments, boost IT productivity and stay ahead of security risks.  

In this video we explored building a solid identity security strategy with AI and ML for enterprises to manage and secure access while protecting the business. ​

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Banking on the mobile boom to boost apps success


Watch this video to learn from different successful Hong Kong apps and explore the strategy to win in the competitive mobile apps market.

  • Building sustainable success in the mobile-first economy

  • Speed up and scale out apps development 

  • Manage and monitor apps performance to capitalize on mobile success

  • Manage, monitor and monetize mobile apps performance

  • Bring personalization to millions with rich analytics 

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RISE To Thrive - Realize the full potential of cloud in times of uncertainty to drive business insights, intelligent and innovation


Cloud is pivotal to business survival. It brings elasticity for businesses to stay resilient in times of uncertainty. But the mere task to integrate ERP with different apps, like SCM, to drive insights often creates more complications. These challenges are limiting many businesses to realize the full potential of cloud, restricting their supply chain agility and prohibiting them to rise and thrive.


Watch this video to explore a simplified cloud strategy designed to support your business digitalization in your industry, in any geography, for any regulatory requirements.

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CLOUD-Innovation-Webinar 2021 
Capture the true value of AI and cloud for your business digitalization


Technology defines the value of your business. Technologies like AI and cloud have become the essentials for many businesses to transform. Yet, not many are able to take full advantage of these technologies when being stuck with its complexity and infrastructure rigidity. 

Using AI can be easy and managing serverless cloud native application can be simple. Watch this video to explore a smarter and faster digital transformation strategy with an IBM Cloud expert to unlock the true value of AI and cloud.

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FSI-Innovation-Webinar 2021 
Plan, Build, Run a data resilient strategy for STDB and beyond


  • Anticipate, withstand and recover rapidly from catastrophic events 

  • The value of STDB and beyond, and a holistic approach for STDB

  • From assessment, scooping to design and plan a data resilient strategy

  • Analyse the 9 characteristics that defines STDB

  • Technology solutions dedicated to enhancing data resilience and cyber security for banks in Hong Kong

  • Services to continuously support the operation of these technologies

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Innovation-Webinar 2021 
Achieve data resilience in the new digital connected environment


  • Roadmap to Data Resilience  - Understand why traditional resiliency solutions are not enough when it comes to data resilience and ransomware attacks

  • Explore best practices in strengthening data resilience

  • Make Data Resilience Real for BFSI Leaders - Gear up for advanced data protection and rapid cyber incident recovery

  • Implement effective controls to assure immutability and protection of critical data

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CIO-CMO-Innovation-Webinar 2021 
Empowering engagement with an AI-enabled 1:1 customer journey


  • Deliver meaningful human connections with personalised community information via multiple touchpoints

  • Combining customer data, analytics, AI and marketing automation to develop real-time connected experiences

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FSI-Innovation-Webinar 2021 
Reimagine Finance - Transform your Finance Organization with Intelligent Workflows


  • Intelligent workflows make the finance function more predictive, transparent, automated and agile, allowing you to increase savings and reduce costs while ensuring regulatory compliance. Intelligent processes minimise inaccuracies, eliminate rework and drive cost-efficiency.

  • Intelligent workflows help manage costs through process standardisation, optimisation and automation that result in major finance outcomes

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The pandemic crisis and the impact of lockdown have been a massive shock to the global economy and to our daily lives. While a “new normal” is developing, the continuation of disruption seems a certainty for some time to come. 

Ingenuity and adaptability will be the critical factors that decide the fate of organizations. Change is happening to every kind of organization at unprecedented speed.  
This video offers insights into which organizations are leading the race in speed and adaptability as we enter a new era of digital urgency.

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As more government departments and bureaux are embracing the new normal with digitized public services and engagement, a modernized and future-proofed data storage infrastructure is a critical foundation for digital success. 

Join us in this webinar to find out how your peers improve public services and operations with a modernized data management platform. A couple cases will be shared to bring insights into turning data challenges into digital success.

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If there’s anything 2020 has taught us, it is the power of resilience. To endure the waves of challenges, many businesses have shifted gear towards technologies to empower workforce, automate operations and engage with customers.

As we are entering 2021 - when there’s nothing normal in the new economy - enterprise leaders and management are continuously seeking new ways to balance disruption and continuity. How do you benchmark against your peers in navigating this uncharted waters of the new economy? Find out the answer by participating in this innovation webinar.

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In this video, global subject matter expert, Jessica Rockwood, will explain with demos to let you understand how AIOps can:

  • Achieve faster mean time to resolution (MTTR)

  • Provide predictive alerts addressing potential problems before lead to slow-downs or outages

  • Empower IT team to focus on higher value work with transparent and clearly explained AI decision making

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AI is expanding the opportunities for insurers. Imagine deploying an advanced machine learning (ML) platform that can help managing claims, detecting frauds, improving operations, personalizing customer experiences, and reducing churn.

To deliver the promise of enterprise-ready AI, you need the ability to rapidly deploy data models as well as the processing power to do it quickly.

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