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Accelerate Business Growth With Intelligent Cloud ERP
Act fast to capture the golden opportunities in the post-COVID recovery

The economic bounce back is on the way. The opening of the Hong Kong-China border and the rising trade collaborations in the Middle East officially mark the city’s post-COVID recovery. Yet, navigating this route to recovery is challenged by the backdrop of global inflation, economic instability, and the city’s wave of talent shortage. All these uncertainties could make a sharp turn from surge to plunge fast, and furious.
This is the golden opportunity to accelerate growth with new markets, digitalized models, and innovative offerings. To be the first to capture the newfound growth, businesses must elevate operation agility and transform their financial and business systems.
That is why businesses are turning to Intelligent Cloud ERP. This next-generation ERP is easy to set up, quick to deliver value, and fast to drive growth.

Speakers ​

  • Andrew Ling, Head of Industries and Customer Advisory, SAP Hong Kong

  • Alvin Cheung, Data Analytics Business Development Lead, Amazon Web Services Hong Kong

  • Greg Wong, Director of Centre of Excellence, SAP BTP, SAP Hong Kong

  • Jason Cheung, Head of RISE, SAP Hong Kong

  • Moderator: Sheila Lam, Editorial Consultant, Inno-Thought eNews 


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Key Discussion Points

  • Fast-track business transformation with industry best practices

  • Realize innovation with agile and cloud-based operations

  • Open to new markets with compliance-ready assurance

  • Take charge of uncertainty with smart analytics, AI, and data intelligence

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