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Machine Learning Simplified for Insurance 

Effectively use AI and ML throughout the business value chain

AI is expanding the opportunities for insurers. Imagine deploying an advanced machine learning (ML) platform that can help managing claims, detecting frauds, improving operations, personalizing customer experiences, and reducing churn.

To deliver the promise of enterprise-ready AI, you need the ability to rapidly deploy data models as well as the processing power to do it quickly.

Join us in this video to understand how the winning combination of H2O Driverless AI and IBM Power Systems can deliver an automatic ML platform that gives you the power to transform your business in this new normal era:


  • Tune in to hear from industry experts about real-world use cases and how you can accelerate your own AI transformation. We will go over popular industry use-cases such as fraud detection, churn reduction, and claims management.

  • Find out how the winning combination will empower you to accomplish in minutes or hours tasks that can take months, deliver AI at scale and beat the AI talent gap.

Together, we will accelerate your ability to create intelligent products and services that quickly deliver trusted results


  • Gartner:數位轉型, 不出5年, AI+ML 將成為保險業主流應用

  • 對於保險產業來說,AI是最具潛力與轉化型力量的新興科技,能夠打造更個人化的客戶體驗

  • 透過AI訓練過的聊天機器人(Chatbot)、理財機器人,讓保險產品的線上銷售與服務流程更加完整,提升客戶體驗

  • 在保險業後端,也能使用AI協助處理資料蒐集及整合的工作,提高承保、理賠的處理效率,進而降低整體成本

  • 保險科技將文件處理工序數碼化、規範化,大幅提升效率又降低錯誤率,同時亦為保險公司解決了在擴充代理人團隊時,亦要增加後勤人手的困難,並降低長遠的營運成本

H2O Driverless AI 能讓組織順利採用機器學習、發揮專家資料科學家的功能,並讓新手和專家團隊更有能力,消除過程中的重大障礙。H2O Driverless AI 在 IBM Power Systems 上運作時效能最強大,能支援工作負載的密集資料處理與記憶體需求。Driverless 技術除了自動化模型驗證和調整之外,還可以省去前期廣泛又成本高昂的主要工程開銷。 透過其開放原始碼機器學習平台,為一個逾 20 萬個資料科學家的網路服務。


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