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2050@2023 Tech Meetup Launches Global Tour with First Stop in Singapore

2050@2023, a pioneering tech meetup, kicked off its world tour in Singapore on May 27, 2023, with 150 diverse volunteers from around the world gathered at the WingsOverAsia Flying Club, a renowned private aircraft club, where the plane that completed the 2050 aviation circumnavigation was parked nearby.

What is 2050

With the vision of 'Science and technology bring young people together,' '2050' is all about technology, cities, and young people. Started in 2018, the event is held on the last full weekend of April every year at Yunqi in the city of Hangzhou. The 2050 meetup is a unique way of preparing for the 2050 event, with monthly meetups taking place. This meetup in the city of Singapore marks the first time that a 2050 meetup is held in Southeast Asia.

Visionary keynote speakers

Embracing 2050's slogan "Science and technology brings young people together," the lively event began with Dr. Zhang Bo, a 2050 volunteer from 2018, sharing his life lessons and journey. Having the courage to earn his pilot's license at 52 and complete an international flight at 54 made a strong impression on the young audience members, who responded particularly well to his maxim, "a kilometer of highway will take you nowhere, but a kilometer of runway can take you anywhere in the world."

The next keynote speaker was Steven Liew, a native Singaporean and tech leader, who took the stage to explore the relationship between time and artificial intelligence. His reflections on the transformative power of future technology seemed to make the audience contemplative, and he reminded everyone that their existence within the internet and virtual worlds constitute the present-day metaverse.

The third speaker, Seventeen Hu, a mother of two and an entrepreneur, shared her journey of becoming a private pilot while maintaining a successful career. Recounting the healing moment of seeing a circular rainbow from the sky, she emphasized that flying had become an integral part of her life and that learning to fly was a key milestone in the pursuit of her dreams.

Lastly, Dr. Wang Jian, an Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, also known as "Doctor" and a volunteer of 2050, delivered an inspiring talk. Sitting among the volunteers and embodying approachability, he expressed his hope that 2050 would serve as a catalyst for young tech enthusiasts to meet in person, emphasizing the significance of action over defining what 2050 represents. In particular, he highlighted that groundbreaking innovation is often driven by youth, citing the average age of pioneers in artificial intelligence introduction.

Spirited discussion

Motivated by Doctor's words, current National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University students as well as recent graduates shared their perspectives on AI and the impact of technology on their careers. Engaging conversations ensued with senior industry practitioners, exploring how technology could propel traditional sectors into a new era. The meetup session spanned five hours, imparting on students' new perspectives on technology and the future and marking a memorable weekend. In addition, the 120 volunteers who joined virtually shared their exhilaration with the 2050 event.

A promising start to 2050@2023

Jo Xu, the moderator, acknowledged that, "The impact and atmosphere of the event exceeded expectations. Despite transportation challenges, nearly 300 strangers signed up, with almost 200 in attendance, exemplifying the essence of 2050 — the ability to manifest the seemingly impossible naturally and flawlessly." As Jo Xu is also the CEO of Openverse, this AI-empowered IP management company based in Singapore also offered full support for this event and the 2050-centered activities in Singapore and globally. With the goal of discovering intriguing volunteers and providing tech-loving youth worldwide with a platform to voice their ideas and foster tech collaborations.

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