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Accern Announces New AI Dashboard to Gauge the Impact of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election

Investors are now able to track news and analyze sentiment using Accern's new Presidential Election dashboard and integrated data store of over 1 billion global public news sites and blogs, to gauge the impact of the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

Accern Corporation, a leading no-code, AI fintech company today announced the launch of a new Presidential Election dashboard to track and analyze sentiment around the upcoming election. Without knowledge of code, business analysts and researchers can immediately access Accern's ready-made Presidential Election Insights use case and view the data through a dashboard.

The COVID-19 crisis and the 2020 U.S. presidential election have created uncertainty in the nation causing market volatility for investors. With the amount of unstructured content in the Internet today, researchers and analysts are turning to artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate hours of manual researching, identifying, and extracting data.

Accern's Presidential Election dashboard provides users with an out-of-the-box solution to gain insights around the 2020 presidential candidates and candidate campaigns, policies, polling, appearances, and more. The dashboard retrieves and analyzes data from Accern's integrated unstructured data store of over 1 billion global public news sites and blogs. To view the dashboard, email

"We have reached a pivotal point in automating workflows in the financial industry, with a no-code, AI-platform. Investors can quickly build and deploy event-driven use cases in minutes without writing a single line of code," said Kumesh Aroomoogan, co-founder and CEO of Accern. "We are excited about the results of our new Presidential Election dashboard in providing financial service institutions the ability to research, track, and analyze sentiment to make better-informed investment decisions."

To enable news tracking and sentiment analysis on target candidates across the U.S., Accern implemented the following features and tactics:

  • Data Store- With Accern's integrated, large unstructured data store of premium and public sources, Accern's researchers identified, researched, and extracted relevant details from 2019 and 2020 historical data.

  • AutoML Taxonomy- Accern's Analysts built taxonomies with AutoML to track each candidates' performances across the US, their campaign policies, appearances, and more. These topics can adapt as new data and information is published.

  • Quality Assurance- Accern's Quality Assurance team has fine-tuned the Presidential Election NLP model for better extraction logic of the candidates, the topics around them, and the sentiment.

  • Real-Time Generator- With news generated by the second, real-time data is extracted to identify and generate information on the specific presidential candidates and events around the elections.


About Accern Corporation

Accern enhances AI workflows for financial service enterprises with a no-code data science platform. Researchers, business analysts, data science teams, and portfolio managers use Accern to build and deploy Natural Language Processing (NLP) models with artificial intelligence (AI). The results are that companies cut costs, generate better risk and investment insights, and experience a 24x productivity gain with our industry-leading NLP solutions. Allianz, IBM, and Jefferies utilize Accern to build and deploy AI solutions powered by our adaptive NLP and forecasting features.


Source: Accern

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