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Asia/Pacific Customer Experience Services Spending to Hit US$43.8 M by 2027

  • Asia/Pacific Customer Experience Services Spending to Hit US$43.8 Million by 2027 Amidst Volatile Market, Says IDC

  • This IDC study provides an analysis of the Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan and China) (APEJC) customer experience services market for the 2023–2027 forecast period.

According to the recent IDC report, Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan and China) Customer Experience Services Forecast, 2022–2027, the region’s customer experience (CX) services spending in the region will reach US$ 43.8 million with CAGR of 6.9% in 2027. Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) and Southeast Asia are two of the subregions that are expected to contribute the most to the total market. IDC predicts that the 2023 spending for CX services in Asia/Pacific* will reach US$ 33.4 million.

Despite the volatile market conditions, organizations in the region will continue to drive their CX services to engage with their customers. In this highly competitive market, organizations understand the urgency of finding better and different ways to identify, understand, attract, and engage with their current and potential customers.

“In the dynamic landscape of Asia/Pacific, businesses recognize that delivering exceptional CX is the key to unlocking growth and loyalty. Companies turn to trusted partners for invaluable guidance because navigating this diverse region requires local insights and global expertise,” says James Sivalingam, Senior Program Manager, IDC Asia/Pacific. “As the pursuit of superior CX intensifies across Asia/Pacific, the demand for specialized CX services is posed to soar, empowering business to thrive in this evolving marketplace,” ends Sivalingam.

Rapid digitalization driven by today’s digital-first era has created different and multiple touch points in how customers engage and interact with businesses. By leveraging the latest technology, organizations can mine large amounts of data that can be used to better understand how the market is changing.

“Businesses know the importance of data and how it has become a precious commodity nowadays. By leveraging existing data, it allows organizations to customize and personalize offerings as well as anticipate and predict customer needs. However, many organizations still need to address data decentralization to maximize the potential of their data,” says Stallone Hangewa, Research Manager, IDC Asia/Pacific.

This Asia/Pacific CX services market forecast represents spending forecast from 2022 to 2027 for eight segments which are strategy, marketing and design transformation, experience design and build, spatial design, marketing and advertising services, media services, sales and channel support services, and experience platform management.

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