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Big data valley empowers coordinated innovation in southwest China's Chongqing

Recently, a total of 11 technologies in the fields of smart services, artificial intelligence and security were released at a new product launch conference in southwest China's Chongqing Xiantao Big Data Valley. They are developed by seven firms in the valley's innovation ecosystem alliance, according to the Publicity Department of Yubei District.

Xiantao Big Data Valley, located in Yubei District in Chongqing, set up the alliance in 2018 in a bid to build an industrial ecosystem and interactive sharing mechanism. The alliance has attracted 334 enterprises for shared development, making the valley a core engine to facilitate local collaborative innovation.

Chongqing Xiantao Big Data Valley: The valley is data-driven and software-based, with a comprehensive innovation ecosystem including 10 open sharing platforms.

Public service platforms featuring software system development, intelligent prototype production, complete 3D printing, intelligent car collaboration, Xiantao College talent training, intelligent hardware detection and 5G automatic driving application demonstration sharing service have been put into use. The establishment of an open sharing platform is conducive to the coordinated development of enterprises in the innovation ecosystem.

A total of 237 enterprises have settled in the valley, including industrial leaders and innovative enterprises such as ARM, Huawei Chongqing DevCloud Innovation Center, Transsion and ThunderSoft. About 5,000 innovative and entrepreneurial professionals are working here, who have submitted applications for more than 600 patents and software works.

Industrial technologies and public R&D services such as data resources, software development cloud and intelligent hardware testing have been provided globally, and it has gradually formed a core engine leading the development of a 100 billion-value software and information service industrial cluster in Yubei.

Yubei District, focusing on the development of a collaborative innovation leading area, will accelerate the improvement of the valley's ability to incubate new science and technologies.

It will build the valley into a core engine to drive innovation in the whole district, and inject strong impetus into high-quality development in Yubei. The valley will build key projects such as a demonstration region in Sino-Singapore communication cooperation, Zhongguancun information valley collaborative innovation center and Chang'an global software center. By improving its industrial layout, the valley seeks to empower innovation across the region.

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