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China Mobile Hong Kong Triumphs "The Fastest 5G Network in Hong Kong"

Certified by International Authority Ookla® for all award periods in 2021

China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK) has been committed to promoting 5G development and has achieved many milestones over the years. Owing to support from customers, the company's 5G user base exceeded one million[1] last October, and was recognized by Ookla® the company behind Speedtest® "the Fastest 5G Network Award - First Half of 2021". In the third and fourth quarters, CMHK's 5G network once again ranked the fastest by the renowned authority. As the market leader for four consecutive quarters, CMHK was awarded the prestigious title of "Fastest 5G Network in Hong Kong - 2021"[2] by Ookla®. The award salutes its leadership in developing Hong Kong's smart city infrastructure after spending extensive resources over the years to build up the city's 5G framework.

According to the latest report by Ookla®, CMHK's 5G network continued to lead the local market in the final two quarters of 2021 with median download and upload speeds of 185.57Mbps and 24.07Mbps, respectively. The report is based on a rigorous analysis by Ookla® of data obtained by consumers running the Speedtest® app on iOS and Android devices. There was a total of 194,932 consumer initiated tests conducted in Hong Kong during the third and fourth quarters, and based on the 5G network speed report evaluated by Ookla®, CMHK's performance was outstanding among its peers.

Ookla®, the company behind Speedtest®, is a global leader in data analysis for fixed and mobile network test applications. Over 10 million daily tests are actively initiated by users across all Speedtest® platforms, with nearly 37 billion tests completed to date. As a result, Ookla® boasts the most comprehensive analytics on internet performance and accessibility worldwide. Ookla® is available in over 30 languages for thousands of businesses, governments, universities and trade organizations, and is used by a significant number of internet service providers and mobile carriers around the world.

"Speedtest is uniquely positioned to measure the full throughput capabilities of ultra-high-speed fiber and 5G networks, thanks to accurate in-app testing and our global network of high-performance servers. It is our pleasure to recognize CMHK as the Fastest 5G Network in Hong Kong for 20212 based on our rigorous analysis of tests taken on 5G-capable devices on a 5G network connection. This award is a testament to CMHK's exceptional performance, as experienced by their own customers, in Q3-Q4 2021," said Doug Suttles, CEO at Ookla.

Sean Lee, Director & Chief Executive Officer of China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited, said: "We are delighted that CMHK's 5G network has achieved great results on the Speedtest® platform and has once again been certified by the authoritative international network speed measurement agency Ookla® as the fastest 5G network operator in Hong Kong in 2021. This is really encouraging! Over the years, the company has invested immense resources into building a fast, high-quality and reliable 5G network for Hong Kong, the award is an excellent affirmation of our team that strives for perfection. In the future, CMHK will continue to provide leading 5G services to all customers as we are committed to becoming their preferred digital partner."

As we enter 2022, CMHK remains the network operator with the widest variety of resources in Hong Kong. It will continue to integrate 5G technology into everyday life and guide more citizens to engage with the vast benefits of 5G to adapt to a smart world.

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