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COVID-19 Testing Solution Kyla Named for Exceptional Innovation Pandemic Tech Innovation Awards

TMC and TMC Labs product review division recently recognized Kyla as an Exceptional Innovation award winner for the 2020 Pandemic Tech Innovation Awards.

"Kyla has displayed its commitment to quality and innovation in the development of their tech solutions contributing to managing and overcoming pandemic outbreaks," said Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC. "I look forward to more innovation from Kyla and their continued effort toward improving the future of the current challenges faced by the most recent pandemic."

The Pandemic Tech Innovation Awards recognize hardware, software, devices/peripherals, applications, and services that help society and business function effectively in the face of challenges caused by Pandemics.

"We are incredibly proud of this recognition. Our team at Kyla has been working around the clock to deploy the most comprehensive infection detection and prevention solution to ensure that companies and organizations of all sizes can reopen safely," says Garick Hismatullin, CEO of Kyla. "As this pandemic continues to impact the economy, we will continue to empower employers with in-person testing and advanced technological COVID-19 solutions for those returning to the workplace."

Within weeks of the outbreak, Kyla rapidly deployed their COVID-19 in-person weekly testing and daily symptom checks for workers. They have set the bar for employees to return to the workplace with full confidence based on powerful testing, contract tracing, and tracking health care services in real-time.

Kyla's COVID-19 testing includes the initial testing of all employees as well as weekly testing thereafter. Employees also must submit to a daily, non-invasive symptom check facilitated through the app's dashboard. Kyla provides CDC recommended molecular tests which are FDA and EUA approved. Infected employees are connected to doctors to receive virtual treatment. Physicians oversee the treatment and recovery of affected patients and sign off on their ability to return to work. Employers have access to all pertinent data through a dedicated Kyla dashboard.


About Kyla

Kyla is the only comprehensive platform that blends weekly onsite testing for COVID-19 with an employee mobile app and employer dashboard. The result is stronger compliance with health guidelines, a healthier workforce, and greater employee confidence.


Source: Kyla

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