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Data on Kubernetes Day to launch at KubeCon Europe 2021

Community event with over 1300 registered to discuss how "Going stateful on Kubernetes is fact, not fantasy"

The Data on Kubernetes (DoK) community today announced the first Data on Kubernetes Community Day, to be held at this year's KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2021. The DoK community was founded in June of 2020 to bring practitioners together to share their experiences in running Data on Kubernetes. Since then, the DoK has grown extremely quickly with more than 60 scheduled meet-ups in three languages and 550 registered members.

The Data on Kubernetes Community Day will be held on May 3rd as a free co-located event at KubeCon. Companies such as DataStax, Percona, MayaData / OpenEBS and Kubesphere will discuss the technical challenges around running databases and data management on Kubernetes, while end users like Digital Ocean, Flipkart and Yelp will be sharing their knowledge and experience around solving these problems in real-world environments.

The event will start at 10am CEST and will be co-chaired by the DoK Community's Visual Learning Coordinator Nellie Tobey and the community leader and CNCF Ambassador Bart Farrell. "The response to the community has been absolutely phenomenal. We're contagiously enthused by our growth, the quality of our speakers, our entry into the CNCF, and celebrating our first annual event," Farrell said.

The community was started in July 2020 with the inaugural talk given by Patrick McFadin, Vice President of Developer Relations at DataStax, and has now hosted over 50 meetups in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Patrick will kick off this year's co-located event with a quick talk tracing the technical journey involved in going from a traditional Database Administrator (DBA) role to becoming a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE). DataStax is currently working with the CNCF, DoK and DoK founding sponsor MayaData to create learning resources that can make this journey simpler so more people can become SREs and fill skills gaps in their organisations.

There will be more than ten talks at the event, touching on the following:

  • Observability - Feynman Zhou, Kubesphere

  • Databases and Kubernetes operators Sergey Pronin, Percona

  • Running Kubernetes and Cassandra together with K8ssandra - Christopher Bradford, DataStax

  • Container attached storage - Eric Zietlow, MayaData

  • Running data on Kubernetes at scale - Neeraj Bisht and Praveen Kumar GT, Flipkart

End user presentations from Digital Ocean, Yelp and others.

In the spirit of paying it forward, The Last Mile, an NGO that helps incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals learn programming, will also be featured in the event.

You can win an all-exclusive pass to KubeCon & attend the DoK Community Day as well by answering a few simple questions at


About is an openly governed and self-organizing group of curious and experienced operators and engineers concerned with running data-intensive workloads on Kubernetes. DoKC takes inspiration from the CNCF and Apache foundations and aims to be open, vendor-neutral, and extremely inclusive.


SOURCE: Data on Kubernetes community

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