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[Webinar] Success with DevOps - Scale innovation, enhance productivity and boost reliability

[ Innovation Webinar on September 25 ]

Scale innovation, enhance productivity and boost reliability

Date: September 25, 2020

Time: 11:00 - 12:00 pm

Sponsor: IBM

Language: Bilingual (Cantonese + English)

(Remarks: 會議主要以廣東話進行,輔以英語材料。The meeting will be held in Cantonese, supplemented with English presentation materials. )


The convergence of open source and cloud adoption is causing a shift in how technology companies and developers design, deliver and use software. Successful DevOps implementations opens all sorts of possibilities for value creation and responsive application development.

  • Creating value depends on your efficiency to deliver applications - increase deployment quality, delivery control and speed to market

  • Deliver all your applications in a whole new way - Containers, Kubernetes, and hybrid cloud are key ingredients of a platform

  • A more streamlined DevOps process - eliminate the need for specialized skills and extra testing. Drive speed, reduce costs, minimize errors and remove bottlenecks.

In our coming webinar on DevOps transformation in your enterprise, expert speakers from IBM and Red Hat will introduce how DevOps can improve operational efficiency and prevent security vulnerabilities from entering your organizations. And, more importantly, how you can embrace the evolution of existing development models and create more customer value and differentiation with open source technologies.

(The above program is subject to change by the Organizer without prior notice. For latest info on the event, please contact our Event Team.)

Registration - Save your seat - Click here

Can’t make it? Make sure to register, and we’ll send the recording afterward - here

For further information and RSVP for this exclusive, by-invitation only meeting, please contact: Lorraine at


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