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Forrester Opens Nominations For Its 2023 Security & Risk Enterprise Leadership Award

Award recognizes an organization that transforms its security, privacy, and risk strategy to build and strengthen stakeholder trust

Forrester (Nasdaq: FORR) opened calls on June 21 for nominations for its Security & Risk Enterprise Leadership Award, which recognizes an organization’s excellence in designing and executing a security, privacy, and risk strategy that drives trusted relationships with key stakeholders. The winning organization will be celebrated for how it has transformed security, privacy, and risk from obstructionist cost and compliance centers to business functions that drive trusted relationships with customers, employees, and partners and fuel the organization’s long-term growth and success.

The Security & Risk Enterprise Leadership Award honors organizations that continually and thoughtfully build trust with customers, employees, and partners through:

  1. Trusted customer offerings and experiences that are secure, private, and resilient by design.

  2. Trusted employee practices that safeguard the organization as well as enable success.

  3. Trusted partner ecosystems that unlock innovation.

The award is open to private and public sector companies and organizations worldwide with 1,000 or more employees that embrace the key concepts of Forrester’s trust imperative. To be considered, organizations must demonstrate trusted and resilient customer and employee experiences, as well as processes to proactively assess and mitigate emerging technology risks in their organization’s business operations. Organizations should also foster deep collaboration within IT and across the business — especially among its marketing, customer experience, and digital teams — to ensure security, privacy, and risk considerations are embedded throughout their organization.

Companies can visit here to review complete award nomination criteria and submit an entry. The deadline to submit a nomination is August 11, 2023. For details, please click here.

“Trusted organizations build unbreakable bonds with customers; attract the best, most dedicated talent; and create inimitable engagement models with partners and emerging technologies — all while minimizing risk,” said Stephanie Balaouras, VP and group director at Forrester. “In an era defined by systemic risks and relentless technology disruptions, customers, employees, and partners want to conduct business with organizations they can trust. Our research shows that an individual’s trust in a company fuels several key revenue-generating behaviors. The winner of the Security & Risk Enterprise Leadership Award will be recognized for shaping its security, privacy, and risk strategy around real-time customer and employee needs — ensuring the long-term growth and success of their organization.”

The award winner will be announced prior to Forrester’s Security & Risk Forum, taking place November 14–15, 2023, in Washington, D.C., and digitally, and will be honored on stage at the event.

The Security & Risk Enterprise Leadership Award recognizes excellence in security, privacy, and risk strategy that’s integral to building a trusted and resilient business.

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