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HGC Digital Office launched to provide one-stop ICT office solution

Secure and efficient mobile office with enterprise-grade IT infrastructure and services

HGC Global Communications Limited (HGC) recently launched HGC Digital Office, a one-stop ICT office solution designed to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) enhance their IT and digital systems and accelerate their digital transformation.

Building on HGC's well-established broadband, voice, and IT support services, HGC Digital Office will offer a one-stop cloud office solution that includes HGC Secured Broadband and online and office IT consultancy. Additionally, it will provide access to comprehensive solutions that cover network infrastructure, unified collaboration, monitoring, cybersecurity, and cloud deployment.

Talent shortage and technical issues have long been major pain points for SMEs, which often have fewer resources compared to larger enterprises. The newly launched HGC Digital Office addresses these challenges by offering a comprehensive solution that combines the necessary equipment and services for a fixed monthly fee. This enables SMEs to access flexible manpower, security support, and streamlined IT administration and budgeting.

Furthermore, HGC's team of experts provides one-stop IT support and consultancy through the ONE Hotline Service, with support from HGC IT Smart Hand service. This service covers various areas including general IT support, cybersecurity, and cloud office infrastructure. By leveraging these resources, enterprises are better equipped to seize new opportunities in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

In addition to the ONE Hotline Service, HGC Digital Office will provide the following services to help SMEs offer a secure and efficient mobile office experience with enterprise-grade infrastructure and equipment:

  • Network infrastructure: The HPE Aruba Networking network infrastructure is specially designed to support bandwidth-demanding applications, such as voice and video virtual meetings. The Aruba Instant On switch and AP offer Wi-Fi 6 access with WPA2 and WPA3 protection for enhanced privacy, security, and cloud management. These solutions provide SMEs with a stable and reliable network connection.

  • Cybersecurity: The HGC Secured Broadband service, provided by HGC and Check Point Software, combines an extensive fibre optic network backbone with a prevention-focused Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution. Its world-class firewall protects organizations from cybersecurity threats such as ransomware, phishing websites, and zero-day attacks. This solution also enables SMEs to save on hardware investment and reduce some of the IT team's workload.

  • Virtual server: By leveraging resources from Alibaba Cloud's Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), enterprises can fulfil their need for reliable cloud server with an efficient, flexible, and secure virtual cloud server that can scale up or down based on real-time demand.

  • Unified Communications: HGC UC is an enterprise-grade unified communications solution that enables teams to stay connected from anywhere using their smartphones, landline phones, or laptops. With voice calls, text messages, and video conferencing, colleagues can collaborate with their local and overseas counterparts, customers, and partners using a single phone number. Integrated conferencing tools from Jabra enhance distance business. The solution uses the Microsoft® 365 productivity cloud to facilitate online collaboration and information sharing for employees working remotely, while also safeguarding business data with built-in security features. It simplifies installation and management, and reduces costs.

(From left to right)

Sherry Zhao, Telecom and Securities Industry Director, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Group;

Amy Chow, Country Manager, Hong Kong and Macau, Check Point Software;

Fiona Siu, Director and General Manager, HPE Aruba Networking Hong Kong & Macau;

Alvin Wong, Chief Operating Officer - ICT Business, Solutions and Product, HGC Global Communications;

Alex Chan, Vice President – Enterprise Business, HGC Global Communications;

Joyee Lo, Senior General Manager, Ingram Micro (China) Limited;

Gary Lai, Head of Business Development, Greater China & Head of Hong Kong, Jabra.

Alvin Wong, Chief Operating Officer - ICT Business, Solutions and Product, HGC Global Communications, said, “HGC is committed to keeping up with the times. We actively partner with experts from various sectors to deliver customized ICT solutions to enterprises, including the deployment of HGC Managed Security Service and HGC HC unified communications solution. HGC Digital Office combines advanced technologies from our partners, empowering enterprises to deploy robust cyber defences while building a secure cloud environment. With support from enterprise-grade IT infrastructure, this solution is designed to maintain a highly efficient mobile working environment.”

Alex Chan, Vice President, Enterprise Market, HGC Global Communications, said, ”SMEs account for over 98% of all enterprises in Hong Kong and have proven to be the cornerstone of our city's success. At HGC, we have a team of experts dedicated to supporting SMEs' digitalization needs through our tailored solution, HGC IT Smart Hand. The launch of HGC Digital Office signifies our commitment to further strengthening holistic support for SMEs, empowering them to stay ahead of the curve in today's digital world.”

Leo Liu, Vice President of International Business, and General Manager of Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR and Philippines, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Group, said, “An efficient and reliable cloud server has become a necessity for enterprises seeking digital transformation. Alibaba Cloud has long been supporting enterprises across different industries with our world-leading technologies. We are pleased to work with HGC to support the newly launched HGC Digital Office solution and help SMEs to harness opportunities and unlock the future of work. Our worldwide infrastructure can also provide the foundation for overseas expansion.”

Amy Chow, Country Manager, Hong Kong and Macau, Check Point Software, said, “An ongoing shortage of talent and resources has become a stumbling block for enterprises to address evolving cybersecurity threats, making a simple and effective cybersecurity solution crucial. Check Point is pleased to offer our Secured Broadband service in collaboration with HGC, delivering enterprise-grade security solutions covered by a fixed monthly fee, making it easier to minimize the risk of data breach and business disruption.”

Fiona Siu, Director and General Manager at HPE Aruba Networking Hong Kong & Macau, said, “Seamless mobile collaboration experiences are essential for SMEs, with secure networking infrastructure served as the backbone. Aruba Instant On brings fast, simple, secure Wi-Fi setup and management experience into HGC’s digital office solutions. By collaborating with HGC, HPE Aruba Networking will continue to strengthen its support to SMB users, empowering them to embrace the work anywhere model supported by high-quality connectivity among devices and cloud.”

Joyee Lo, Senior General Manager of Ingram Micro (China) Limited, said, “As the distributor of Microsoft in Hong Kong, we are glad to play a role in accelerating digital transformation for enterprises. Microsoft® 365 productivity cloud solution is the go-to option for business customers in the digital age, empowering employees to work from anywhere with any device. HGC Digital Office provides one-stop support to address SME pain points and give individuals and teams a truly seamless and secure mobile working experience.”

Gary Lai, Head of Business Development, Greater China & Head of Hong Kong, Jabra, said, “Virtual meetings are an indispensable communication bridge for today’s enterprises, enabling seamless connections for employees working from anywhere. Jabra’s portfolio of office solutions is renowned worldwide for its quality and breadth. Combining our audio and visual equipment and expertise with HGC’s efficient broadband and voice services, HGC Digital Office is set to take enterprises’ virtual meetings experience to the next level.”

HGC Digital Office provides secure broadband and WiFi services, voice services, and IT support. Customers can purchase ONE Hotline Service and other add-on services according to their needs. The solution is designed to enhance business efficiency by providing professional technical support powered by different technologies, helping enterprises stay ahead of evolving business trends.

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