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HKSTP "Talent Power Up" I&T Career Expo 2024 Attracted Over 6,000 Visitors to Boost Hong Kong’s Talent Pool

Featured over 3,000 vacancies from more than 300 tech companies while over half of visitors interviewed on-site on a record-breaking day

Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) successfully held the "Talent Power Up" I&T Career Expo 2024 which lured a record-high 6,000 visitors to explore over 3,000 job opportunities from more than 300 Park companies for local and non-local talent in hybrid mode. Approximately 150 exhibiting Park companies from strategic industries including micro-electronics, biotechnology, AI and robotics, green tech and more, showcased their profiles and promising prospects on-site, demonstrating a vibrant scene of the I&T ecosystem and a surging demand for talent in Hong Kong.

The “Talent Power Up” I&T Career Expo 2024 lured a record-breaking 6,000 visitors to explore over 3,000 job opportunities for local and non-local talent.

The Grand Hall was exceptionally crowded this year as the Career Expo saw keen interest from Park companies. Additional booths and professional job pairing services were arranged for tech enterprises at HKSTP to hire talents from local university students and graduates, tech enthusiast and practitioners, to overseas and Mainland talent with more than 3,000 1-on-1 interviews conducted on the spot.

The new "StartUP Power Hub" zone made its debut, not only providing an opportunity for talent to learn the passions of startups in innovation and their vibrant culture, joining to work for teams with shared visions, but also a dynamic engagement for young people aspiring entrepreneurship with over 30 successful startup founders, to gain their entrepreneurial experience, insights into building innovative businesses, and the comprehensive services provided by various incubation programmes at HKSTP.

The "Talent Power Up" themed Expo put the spotlight on unravelling myths of AI with a full-day experience offering an extensive range of activities, uplevelling people as businesses set sights on a future of AI, digital technologies, and data-centricity.

As the super-connector in the I&T industry, workshops were organised with leading global AI platform providers, including AWS, LinkedIn and Google, to indulge participants who were looking to empower career development by exploring the top-notch skills of AI. Leveraging the database and algorithm of LinkedIn, job seekers acquired tactics to be seen by Gen AI and the recruiters behind it, maximising one's employability.

"Rather than an option, it's an obligation for us to be aware of not just our capabilities in the current technology trends, but also our constant curiosity in adapting to changes, and that mentality is key to thrive in this fast-and-faster growing digital age," said Albert Wong, CEO of HKSTP. "We hope to upskill Hong Kong talent with Gen AI trends and knowledge in this year's Expo. The overwhelming response from companies and talent confirms the rise of the city's world-class I&T ecosystem, and significantly bolsters the tech talent pipeline which is critical to a new era of growth for Hong Kong."

Apart from the happenings at the Grand Hall, a series of activities and sharing sessions around Science Park attracted a total of over 800 participants. Leading tech enterprises including SenseTime, Deloitte Digital, and HKSTP x ARROW Hardware Lab also opened doors to visitors, providing them with immersive experiences to their cutting-edge tech showcases.

To explore the infinite possibilities in I&T, an exclusive career and entrepreneurship sharing session was held to give an overview to non-local talents of the distinctive advantages of Hong Kong I&T development, golden opportunities in the thriving ecosystem and the comprehensive support available to talents from all over the world.

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