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Hong Kong FinTech Week 2023 : "Fintech Redefined."

Hong Kong FinTech Week 2023 (HKFW) is Asia’s global fintech event. Organised by the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau and Invest Hong Kong (InvestHK), the event will take place on 30 October – 5 November, with the main physical conference taking place between November 2 and 3 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Themed "Fintech Redefined.", the eighth edition of the flagship event lies at the core of the global fintech revolution and aims to shape the future of fintech across various dimensions of financial services and beyond. This year's conference will bring together global leaders and renowned sponsors across different verticals, alongside world- leading fintech innovations to explore the future development of fintech through six key themes - global regulations and focuses such as sustainable and green finance, funding and venture capital as well as family office investments, exploring the realms of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Web3 and emerging frontiers, unveiling the latest opportunities within the dynamic Greater Bay Area, Hong Kong’s innovation journey, and business showcases.

Over 300 distinguished speakers, 540 sponsors and exhibitors are expected to join HKFW main conference. The FinTech Week set to attract over 30,000 attendees and over 5 million views online from over 90 economies.

  • Main conference on 2 – 3 November at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre* (address: Hall 3DE, FG, 1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai, Hong Kong)

  • Other satellite events throughout 30 October – 5 November

* Selected key sessions will also be livestreamed on HKFW APP (iOS/Android), HKFW’s YouTube channel as well as several metaverses including in Mainland China

Key Themes to Watch Out For

1. Global Regulations and Focuses: The Emergent Green and Sustainable Fintech Ecosystem

Extraordinary events like the COVID-19 pandemic or increasing occurrence of natural disasters linked to climate change around the world have major influences on our everyday lives. These dramatic consequences of climate change and environmental degradation have brought the need for a more sustainable economy to the top of the agenda. In recent years, global and regional leaders have made commitments to tackle climate change. Asia’s three biggest economies, China, Japan and Korea, have made brave carbon neutrality commitments. For example, China aims to peak carbon emissions before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality before 2060, while the HKSAR has also committed to carbon neutrality by 2050. And many other nations, though not all, have made similar pledges.

Countries around the world continue to work towards achieving the commitments, and such transition requires an ever-innovative financial system, a robust ecosystem of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), Green and Sustainable Finance (GSF) products and services, and a supportive regulatory environment. As a result, the stage has set for ESG and GSF to enter a new era.

Learn more about the outlook for ESG and GSF fintech ecosystem in Hong Kong, GBA, Asia and even across the world; and how new government policies, regulatory frameworks, as well as partnership and business models help drive the long-term development of a robust sustainable finance ecosystem in the future.

Highlighted speakers and topics related to Global Regulations and Focuses:

  • John Lee, Chief Executive, HKSAR

  • Paul Chan, Financial Secretary, HKSAR

  • Christopher Hui, Secretary for Financial Services and The Treasury, HKSAR

  • Eddie Yue, Chief Executive, Hong Kong Monetary Authority

  • Julia Leung, Chief Executive, Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong; and Christopher Woolard CBE, Partner, Ernst & Young - on Embracing Innovation, Regulation and the Future of Finance

  • Brian Tang, Founding Executive Director, LITE Lab@HKU; Ken Chiu, Head of Carbon and ESG Products, HKEX; and Max Song, Founder & CEO, Carbonbase - on Hong Kong’s Role in Emerging Global Carbon Market

  • Helene Li, Co-Founder & CEO, Gloimpact; and Sabrina Peng, Chief Sustainability Officer, Ant Group - on Rethinking Sustainability with Pioneers

  • Yvonne Tsui, Senior Fintech Director, Fintech Facilitation Office, HKMA, HKSAR; Dave Sandor, Co- founder & CEO; Entela Benz, CEO, Intensel; Max Song, Founder & CEO, Carbonbase; and Teresa Lin, Advisor, BIS Innovation Hub, Bank for International Settlements Innovation Hub - on FinTech for Climate and Nature

2. Funding Redefined: A New Era of Investment

Global economies, grappling with unprecedented challenges like technological disruptions, geopolitical tensions, and pandemic recovery, have exerted significant influence on the funding market as a whole, encompassing various investment avenues such as venture capital (VC), family offices, wealth management, and more.

In terms of investment areas, not only VC but also other players in the market are focusing on sectors experiencing rapid evolution due to technological advancements and shifts in societal preferences and needs. Areas such as health technologies and biomedicine, renewable energy, digital economy and fintech, logistics, and artificial intelligence offer enticing opportunities for visionary investors seeking to be part of the transformation and growth in the near future.

Moreover, the intricate global challenges have prompted the investment community, including family offices and wealth management firms, to redefine their strategies. Rather than purely providing financial capital, they are adopting a more holistic approach, establishing genuine partnerships with portfolio companies. These partnerships involve not only capital deployment but also value addition support such as mentorship, networking opportunities, strategic guidance, and access to resources. This approach aims to facilitate the growth and success of portfolio companies while fostering a strong community within the investment ecosystem.

Learn about the latest trends that are shaping the market landscape and get inspired by the global perspectives and future projections of the funding market.

Highlighted speakers and topics related to Venture Capital Redefined:

  • Bosco Fung, Head of Business Development, Financial Sector, Alibaba Cloud; Chibo Tang, Managing Partner, Gobi Partner GBA; Simon Loong, Founder and Group CEO, WeLab; Thomas Elliott, Head of Client Coverage, Commercial Banking, HSBC; and Joyce Tung, Partner, Tiang and Partners - on Navigating the Ecosystem: Enabling Early Stage Companies to Thrive

  • Carol Wu, Heading of Private Banking, North Asia, DBS Bank; Ho Kee Fu, Partner, PwC, Amanda Ong, Country Manager, Arta Finance; and Sami Abouzahr, Head of Investment and Wealth Solutions - on Digital transformation in Wealth Management - digital finance disruptors and Wealth Tech trends for 2023

  • Harshika Patel, CEO, Hong Kong & Head of Asia Pacific Strategy, J.P. Morgan; and Hemant Taneja, CEO, General Catalyst - on Investment in AI

  • Wei Chen, President, Shenzhen Venture Capital Association - on Keynote by Shenzhen Venture Capital Association

  • Annabelle Huang, Managing Partner, Amber Group; Bernad Wai, Asia Pacific Head, Global Family Office Group, Citi Private Bank; Angel Chia, Chair, Family Office Association of Hong Kong; Daniel Grossmann, Managing Partner, Kharis Capital; and Patrick Tsang, Chairman, Tsangs Group - on Family Office trends to watch in 2023 - The Rise of Family Office and Digital Asset Integration in Asia, Investment Strategies for optimal risk exposure

  • Dina Shin, Head of Asia, Business Development; Asia Investments, WestCap; and Samuel Rhee, Chairman and Co-founder, Endowus; and Edwin Chan, Managing Director, Head of Asia & Head of Client Solutions APAC, iCapital - on The Future of WealthTech: Digitisation of Alternatives & Private Markets

  • Bertrand Billion, Founder & CEO, iLex; Armin Peter, Head of DCM, UBS / ICMA Subcommittee Co-chair; and Fredrik Creutz, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder, NowCM - on Is the capital market innovating fast enough and democratizing funding options?

3.Exploring the Realms of Artificial Intelligence, Web3 and Emerging Frontiers

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Web3 technologies have been making rapid strides in recent times, revolutionizing every aspect of our daily lives. The fintech sector is no exception. However, the significant volatility in the virtual assets market and the collapses of virtual assets exchanges have caused some markets to doubt the future of Web3. It was at a time when Web3 and virtual assets was at an all-time low around the world, but Hong Kong is embracing the potential of Web3 and stepping up to develop the Web3 digital economy with innovation and steadiness.

Committed to become the Web3 hub in Asia, Hong Kong launches initiatives to foster a vibrant Web3 ecosystem, which includes setting up the Web3 task force, introducing a licensing regime for virtual asset service provider, facilitate in-depth exchanges and brainstorming of new ideas in the area, and more. Hong Kong is stepping up efforts to cultivate a Web3-friendly environment.

Learn how Web3 and other emerging technologies are shaping the future of finance, unlock new opportunities and get inspirations from some of the most innovative use cases in the market and beyond.

Highlighted speakers and topics related to Digital Assets:

  • Sebastien Borget, Co-Founder & COO, The Sandbox; Arnoldo Concepcion, Co-Chief Operating Offer, Animoca Brands; and Harry Liu, CEO, Forji - on How Web 3 is Impacting Culture?

  • Jimmy Chiang, Acting Director-General of Investment Promotion, Invest Hong Kong, HKSAR; Brian Chan, Group Head of Investment and Products, VSFG; Niki Ariyasinghe, Head of Business Development, Asia- Pacific and Middle East, Chainlink Labs; Leo Lin, Founder, Arkreen Network; Anna Liu, General Manager of Tokenisation, Hashkey Group; and Eddie Lau, Co-CEO, Arta TechFin - on 1st Anniversary of Digital Assets Policy Announcement | Project Showcases and their impact to Hong Kong

  • Kai-Fu Lee, Chairman and CEO, Sinovation Ventures; and Emily Chan Tan, Senior Correspondent, CNBC - on Rethink Artificial Intelligence with Dr Kai-Fu Lee

  • Kris Marszalek, CEO,; and Henri Arslanian, Co-founder & Managing Partner, Nine Blocks Capital Management - on Fireside Chat with

  • Brian Armstrong, CEO & Co-founder, Coinbase; Minh Do, Co-Chief Operating Officer, Animoca Brands - on Explore Web3 with Brain Armstrong

  • Daniel Alegre, CEO, Yuga Labs - on Web3 Gaming & Entertainment

  • Joseph Chan, Under Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury, HKSAR; Tracy Zhang, Chief Marketing Officer, Followin; and Xiao Feng, Chairman, Wanxiang Blockchain & HashKey Group - on Bringing Digital Assets and Web3 to power the broader Real Economy

  • Yat Siu, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Animoca Brands; Karena Belin, Co-Founder & CEO, Whub AngelHub ClubDeal - on The state of Web3

  • Wensheng Cai, Chairman, Longling Capital; and Cynthia Wu, COO, Matrixport - on Firside Chat with the Pioneers

  • Devang Thakkar, Global Head, Christie’s Ventures; Michael Frigge, Chief Creative Officer, Yuga Labs; and Nick Adler, Founder, MNTGE - on Dialogue on Art, Fashion, Culture & AI

4. Unveiling the Latest Opportunities within the Dynamic Greater Bay Area

Located at the doorstep of Mainland China and at the heart of Asia, Hong Kong enjoys fortuitous geographic advantage and is a world city leveraging on the mainland while engaging the world. Hong Kong serves as one of the core engines to drive regional economic growth of the Greater Bay Area (GBA). Over the past years, the GBA economy experienced tremendous growth and it is expected to reach US$3.6 trillion by 2030. The huge affluent population and economic vibrancy provide vast opportunities to the Fintech sector, ranging from product development and distribution to asset management and services.

With the launch of various cross-boundary fintech initiatives, including the launch of GBA Fintech Talent Initiative, the opening of Hong Kong Science and Technology Park Corporation - Shenzhen branch, the running of pilot trials for cross‑boundary financial technology projects, and more, Hong Kong is well equipped to power GBA’s regional economic development.

Learn more about the fintech development in China; the cross-border collaboration between Hong Kong, GBA and the rest of the country; the fintech ecosystem in GBA and the opportunities emerging across the GBA.

Highlighted speakers and topics related to FinTech in Mainland China and GBA:

  • Bo Wang, Deputy General Manager, Shanghai Stock Exchange

  • Mingzhong Li, Executive Vice President, Shenzhen Stock Exchange

  • Forest Lin, Co Corporate Vice President of Tencent, Head of Tencent Financial Technology, Tencent; Surendra Chaplot, Global Head of Product, Wise; and Bénédicte Nolens, Centre Head, BIS Innovation Hub - on Private sector trends and innovation in cross-border payments

  • Joyce Leung, Assistant General Manager, Personal Digital Banking Product Department, Bank of China (Hong Kong); Daniel Chan, EVP & Head of GBA, HSBC; Medhy Souidi, Head of Transformation, DBS HK; and Vincent Ho, Managing Director, Hong Kong & Macau, China Mobile International - on Business Opportunities in GBA

5. Hong Kong’s Innovation Journey

Over the years, Hong Kong has emerged as a dynamic and thriving hub for fintech, propelled by its strategic location, robust regulatory framework, and vibrant financial ecosystem. Recent data showcases the impressive growth of the fintech sector in Hong Kong, with a significant increase in funding, startup activity, and adoption of innovative solutions. The government of Hong Kong has played a pivotal role in fostering this ecosystem by implementing forward-thinking policies and initiatives. The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) has introduced various measures to spur fintech innovation, including the establishment of a regulatory sandbox, the Faster Payment System (FPS), and the issuance of virtual banking licenses. Furthermore, the Hong Kong government's commitment to innovation development is evident through initiatives like the Hong Kong- Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park and the establishment of the Innovation and Technology Bureau.

This year's FinTech Week serves as a catalyst for further collaboration and progress, bringing together industry leaders, startups, investors, and policymakers to explore groundbreaking technologies, discuss key trends, and shape the future of finance in Hong Kong and beyond. Learn more about the innovation journey of Hong Kong.

Highlighted speakers and topics related to Hong Kong’s Innovation Journey:

  • Andre Leung, Co-Founder & CEO, Aereve; Edgar Ma, AMLCO of Hong Kong and Cluster AML Head of North Asia, Citibank; Emil Chan, Adjunct Professor, CityU EMBA; and Sam Fok, Co-founder and COO, Hong Kong Virtual Asset Exchange Limited - on HK Innovation - a use case for effective RegTech adoption

  • Gary Hwa, Global Financial Services Markets Executive Chair and Asia-Pacific Financial Services Regional Managing Partner, EY; and Wilfred Yiu, Co-Chief Operating Officer & Head of Equities, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) - on Connecting today with tomorrow (powered by HKEX)

  • Alvin Kwock, Co-founder & Group CEO, OneDegree; Mark Blick, CEO, Diginex; David Yeung, Co- Founder & CEO, Green Monday & Omnipork; and Eric Han, Chief Public Mission Officer, Cyberport - on HK Scaleups going global

  • George Chou, Chief Fintech Officer, Fintech Facilitation Office, Hong Kong Monetary Authority, HKSAR ;

  • Ashok Venkateswaran, APAC Head for Digital Assets and Blockchain, Mastercard; Flora Leung, Executive General Manager and Head of Retail Banking and Wealth Management, ICBC; Gilbert Lee, Head of Strategy & Corporate Development and Chief of Staff, Hang Seng Bank; Monita Leung, Chief Executive Officer, Digital Ventures, HKT; and Nischint Sanghavi, Head of Digital Currencies - Asia Pacific, Visa - on A Retail CBDC in Hong Kong: Lessons Learned from e-HKD Pilot Programme

6. Business Showcases

Since its inaugural edition, Hong Kong FinTech Week has consistently served as the premier platform for visionary innovators and cutting-edge companies to converge, showcasing groundbreaking solutions that shape the future of finance. This year's event promises an exhilarating array of discoveries, with multiple projects set to be revealed throughout the week. These unveilings bear testament to the real-life application of fintech, providing concrete examples of how transformative technologies are revolutionizing transactional, investment, and financial resource management practices. From disruptive startups boldly pushing the boundaries of traditional finance to established institutions embracing digital transformation, the business showcase at Hong Kong FinTech Week offers a unique opportunity to witness firsthand the tangible impact of fintech innovations. Engage with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers who spearhead these groundbreaking developments, fostering invaluable connections and collaborations that drive meaningful change.

Whether you seek the next game-changing opportunity or aspire to leverage fintech for business growth, the business showcase at Hong Kong FinTech Week serves as your gateway to explore cutting-edge projects, unlock new possibilities, and stay at the vanguard of the rapidly evolving financial landscape. Immerse yourself in the vibrant ecosystem, learn more about these exciting innovation projects, and be part of shaping the future of finance.

Highlighted speakers and topics related to Business Showcases:

  • Colin Pou, Executive Director, Financial Infrastructure Department, Hong Kong Monetary Authority, HKSAR ; Alisara Mahasandana, Deputy Governor, Monetary Stability, Bank of Thailand; and Bénédicte Nolens, Centre Head, BIS Innovation Hub - on Project mBridge - experimenting with a multi-CBDC platform for cross-border payments (a panel powered by BIS Innovation Hub)

  • Michael Law, Senior Fintech Director, Hong Kong Monetary Authority; Daniel Eidan, Technical Advisor, Bank for International Settlements Innovation Hub Swiss Centre; Julia Demidova, Head of CBDC & Digital Currencies Product and Strategy, FIS by Worldpay; Leanne Zhang, Adviser, BIS Innovation Hub; and Marten Nelson, Co-Founder & CEO, M10 Networks - on Project Sela - an accessible and secure retail CBDC ecosystem (powered by BIS Innovation Hub)

  • Lindsay Chu, CEO / Head of Capital Markets of Hong Kong and China, DBS Asia Capital Limited / DBS Hong Kong; William Hui, Partner, CEIC Capital; and Prashant Aggarwal, Chief Executive Officer & Board Member, MoneyHero Group - on Funding and Investments: To IPO or not to IPO?

  • Victor Cheng, Vice President, Products and Solutions, Commercial and NPP, Greater China, Mastercard - on Showcase of HK scaleup

  • Tim Ying, CEO, Octopus Holdings Limited - on The cross-boundary application of e-CNY in Hong Kong and the way forward

More speakers to be announced. Stay tuned to HKFW website for the full speaker line-up:

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