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How AI chatbots transform the public transport in Taiwan

How AI chatbots transform the public transport in Taiwan - YouBike Taiwan is launching its new customer service system using conversational AI technology

Enterprise software solution provider TPIsoftware partnered up with the biggest bicycle sharing system in Taiwan, YouBike, to launch a new smart customer service system and enhance user experiences with its conversational AI chatbot technology.

A leap forward in optimizing customer service experiences

Bicycle sharing systems grow with positive user experiences, and YouBike aims to accomplish this with the constant optimization of its software systems. In launching a new AI-powered customer service system, YouBike has enabled 24-hour online chatbot services through personal devices.

The chabot TPIsoftware designed with YouBike connects with the official YouBike website, LINE, Facebook, and Google Assistant to provide users the information they need, quickly and comfortably. Inquiries can range from bicycle locations, lost and found, and latest events, to FAQs and other services. Users can obtain all the information they need from chatbot conversations, improving customer satisfaction and enhancing the brand image.

A powerful human-like chatbot to upgrade online customer support systems

The key to powerful customer service chatbots lies in the ability to accurately understand end user input. Natural language understanding (NLU) and machine learning can be combined to perform intent classification and entity recognition, allowing chatbots to understand conversation content, correctly grasp user needs, and process relevant information for corresponding services.

Fluent and flexible conversational services are made possible with the addition of FAQ and FLOW technologies, responsible for answering fixed-response questions with diverse inquiry word choices and obtaining end user information required to provide appropriate services through multi-round dialogue. TPIsoftware employed its conversational AI solution, SysTalk.Chat, which fuses these technologies with human-computer interaction to maximize the human-like factor and ensure smooth conversation flow.

An AI chatbot to transform bicycle sharing in Taiwan

Effective AI-powered customer services leave the deepest impressions. The new YouBike chatbot system provides quick access to required information and independent operation queries, increasing the end user grasp of information and improving the overall customer service experience. The collaboration between TPIsoftware and YouBike has strengthened human-computer interaction and brought the ultimate smart customer service experience to bicycle sharing users.


About TPIsoftware

TPIsoftware is a software provider with focus in API management, AI chatbots, FinTech, digital banking, insurance. TPIsoftware also provides customized finance, life insurance, communications, and technology solutions domestically and overseas.


SOURCE: TPIsoftware

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