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Innovation Fuels Growth: Vinova Celebrates Straits Times Recognition as a Singapore Business Leader

A variety of businesses – from a workforce management platform to a video technology provider and metal recycling company – have made it onto a list of 100 companies compiled by The Straits Times and Germany-based global research firm Statista. The ranking, now in its sixth year, is based on the companies’ revenue growth from 2019 to 2022.

Fourteen years ago, a spark ignited in the heart of Singapore's tech scene. Driven by a "Challenger Spirit" and a mission to "Deliver solutions with passion and genuine care for your business growth," Vinova wasn't just another IT startup. It was a revolutionary force, poised to rewrite the rules of the game. Today, after blazing a trail through the industry with over 400 global talents, 300 successful projects, and a loyal client base of over 250 spanning the globe, Vinova's meteoric rise has reached a new peak – recognition as one of Singapore's Fastest-Growing Companies by the prestigious Straits Times.

Vinova get recognised as one of Fastest Growing Companies in Singapore by Straits Times

This accolade isn't simply a pat on the back; it's a roaring testimonial to Vinova's unwavering commitment to innovation. Theirs is a story fueled by the relentless pursuit of new frontiers, where "Togetherness" fosters a culture of collaboration, and "Integrity" underpins every solution they deliver. From their early days conquering the mobile app landscape to their current mastery of cloud infrastructure and enterprise applications, Vinova's "Dedication" to exceeding expectations has become their signature.

From crafting award-winning mobile apps recognized by Top 10 Asia to serving clients across continents, Vinova's global reach and innovative spirit are undeniable. From Singapore and China to the USA and Norway, their solutions have empowered businesses of all sizes, earning the trust and praise of renowned organizations like Abbott Labs and Singapore Safety Driving Centre. "Their team delivered the product in record time," emphasizes Manish Karia, Director - C&B at Abbott Labs, impressed by Vinova's efficiency and expertise. For Joe Lim, Head of IT at Singapore Safety Driving Centre, their "reliable and excellent support" has fostered a decade-long partnership. These testimonials are just a testament to the transformative power of Vinova's ingenuity and their unwavering commitment to client success.

But their ambition extends far beyond Singapore's borders. With "Global Powerhouse for IT Solutions" etched as their North Star, Vinova relentlessly eyes the wider world, eager to share their expertise with new markets. The flames of their "Challenger Spirit" burn bright, pushing them to integrate cutting-edge technologies like AI into their solutions, constantly seeking to redefine the future of IT.

The Straits Times recognition isn't just an endpoint; it's a springboard for Vinova's next chapter. This is a company that thrives on exceeding expectations, breaking boundaries, and leaving a trail of satisfied clients and tangible results in its wake. If you're looking for a partner who doesn't just offer solutions, but truly invests in your success, Vinova awaits. Join them on their journey to rewrite the rules of the game, one byte at a time.

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