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Innovation Webinar (17/9): Build a data-first infrastructure. Get the most out of your data storage.

Develop an information architecture that is designed to help you effectively collect and organize data, gain deeper insights via AI-enabled data analysis and then use those insights to enhance business outcomes.

Date: September 17, 2020

Time: 3:00-4:00 pm

Sponsor: IBM

Language: Bilingual (English + Cantonese)


Emerge stronger. Build a data-first infrastructure.

Get the most out of your data storage.

Data fuels digital transformation, yet not all organizations get the value they need from their data. Next generation digital infrastructure plays a major role to support explosive growth in digital data and applications, and enable organizations to achieve competitive digital differentiation.

  • Reduce complexity with container-enabled enterprise storage, deployed seamlessly across on -premises and hybrid cloud storage environments.

  • Simplify IT infrastructure with optimized efficiency to drive faster results that are massively scalable

  • Maximize storage efficiency, data security and performance with maximum uptime and resiliency while lowering costs.

In our webinar on September 17, expert speakers are going to share practical tips on how to achieve digital success through data storage modernization.

  • Building a Next Generation Digital Infrastructure – The Pillar of your Digital Success in a New Normal Era

  • Surpass business goals with speed, productivity and agility, all enabled by a secure, persistent storage infrastructure

  • Storage Made Simple for Hybrid Multicloud Resilience, Data Protection and Performance

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