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Intelligent Locations and SAS collaborate to support healthcare organizations' location services

Intelligent Locations and SAS collaborate to support healthcare organizations' IoT and contact tracing efforts

  • Intelligent Locations' cloud-based IoT platform embeds SAS® Event Stream Processing  and SAS® Visual Analytics for real-time location services that support healthcare organizations.

  • New embedded artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities create a  comprehensive, continuous process improvement platform that helps healthcare companies manage equipment distribution, patient throughput, and environmental monitoring that maximizes productivity and efficiency.  

  • Using Intelligent Locations' contact tracing algorithms with SAS® Analytics gives healthcare organizations immediate information regarding the contact history of those patients who test positive for COVID-19.

Intelligent Locations and SAS have formed a new partnership that gives healthcare organizations access to industry-leading analytics. Access to SAS Analytics through the cloud-based Intelligent Locations IoT platform will help organizations create deeper operational insights that lead to better decision making. With the addition of SAS, organizations will be able to accelerate the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in ways that super charge patient and asset tracking, environmental monitoring, and contact tracing efforts. 

The Intelligent Locations IoT platform helps contain costs and generate revenue for hospitals. "This partnership strengthens the product we offer our healthcare customers," said Bogdan Nedelcu, CEO of Intelligent Locations. "It gives them a 'mission control' dashboard for running hospitals. Real-time trends that show the availability of equipment and patient beds is of critical importance – especially now as the pandemic rages in many parts of the world. By combining Intelligent Locations and SAS, hospital executives will now have the insight to make decisions they never thought possible."

The Intelligent Locations IoT platform offers hospitals a plug-and-play, real-time location services (RTLS) infrastructure that can be installed in days and add value immediately. "Immediate access to advanced analytics from our real time location services data gives us tremendous insight into hospital operations that can aide in decision making and enhance our patient care," shared Ben Patel, CIO of the Cone Health hospital system, a current Intelligent Locations customer.

"Having real-time visibility into the trends locked inside collected data is a key requirement for slowing the spread of the coronavirus pandemic," said Jason Mann, VP of IoT at SAS. "In addition to supporting contact tracing efforts, our partnership will help healthcare organizations make better use of assets and support important actions like temperature monitoring, patient updates, and transport time. Understanding data trends also will help once we're at a point to safely resume 'normal' operations."

The collaboration will begin with offering SAS® Event Stream Processing and SAS® Visual Analytics to new and existing Intelligent Locations customers. "By optimizing equipment levels and improving patient throughput, we have a proven ability to maximize the ROI for our users. We see the partnership with SAS as a tremendous value add," said Jake Bartnicki, SVP of Sales for Intelligent Locations.


About SAS Through innovative software and services, SAS empowers and inspires customers around the world to transform data into intelligence.

About Intelligent Locations Intelligent Locations is an Internet of Things company that provides healthcare organizations with data insights gained through advanced monitoring of assets, people and processes to solve persistent problems of inefficiency, affordability and accessibility.


Source: Intelligent Locations

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