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[June 5] AI Game Zone: Elevate your penalty kick experience using Gemini and Vertex AI

  • Don’t miss out on your opportunity to register for this epic event, joining us physically to experience every corner with Google Cloud AI!

  • Prepare to be amazed by the cutting-edge 'AI Kick Challenge' - the most extraordinary interactive football coaching experience you've ever seen! Leveraging the incredible potential of Generative AI on Google Cloud, you'll receive unparalleled, AI-powered guidance from our expert AI Coach after kicks. This will be followed by a detailed analysis report and your personalized player card - a game-changing experience to take your cloud journey to new heights!

Google Cloud Summit Hong Kong 2024 :

Embrace Generative AI and Cloud Tech Right Now

Join us in this free, in-person event to experience the new way to cloud. Bringing the cloud community together, we’re putting the spotlight on real-world case studies and success stories from across Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area.

Connect with your peers and Google Cloud leaders, exploring technology trends across AI, application modernization, collaboration, data cloud, open infrastructure, and security. And get hands-on with Cloud technology in instructor-led lab sessions - all to help you advance digital transformation and drive business outcomes.

Space is limited, so reserve your spot today and be sure to visit this page regularly for updates on our inspiring speakers and sessions. Don't miss this unique opportunity to transform your career and accelerate your success in the cloud.

Date : 5 June, 2024 (Wednesday)

Time : 10:00 AM–5:20 PM GMT+8

Venue : Convention Hall & 2/F, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Event details :



  • The New Way to Cloud

  • Google 20th Anniversary - 20 years Solving in Hong Kong

  • Executive Keynote & Customers Sharing

TRACK 1 - AI / ML – Gen AI

  • Optimize your AI investment: How to choose the right AI platform

  • Provide better search and generative AI experiences with Vertex AI Search

  • GenAI for Back Office Operation

  • Unleashing the Power of Google's AI: SubSup Elevates its AI Capabilities to New Heights

  • Power Up Customer Feedback Analytics through GenAI

  • Provide better search and generative AI experiences with Vertex AI Search

TRACK 2 – Gen AI in Industry

  • AI for Banking: Streamline core banking services and personalize customer experiences

  • Web3 Infrastructure Development: Insights from HashKey Group & Google Cloud

  • AI for Retail: Personalize shopping and optimize operations

TRACK 3 – Gen AI in Security

  • A cybersecurity expert's guide to securing AI products with Google SAIF

  • Your model. Your data. Your business: A privacy-first approach to Generative AI

  • How to stay ahead of the latest threats with intelligence-driven security operations

TRACK 4 – Greater Bay Area

  • Guangdong based leading corporation leveraging Google AI for Business Growth

  • AI-Powered Digital Transformation: Real cases sharing from a Shenzhen based innovative tech company

  • How AfterShip uses advanced AI to enhance E-Commerce efficiency

TRACK 5 – Venture Capital / Startup

  • Venture Capital Panel: Unlocking the Path to Securing Significant Funding

  • Founders Panel: State of Startups

  • Harnessing power of Generative AI to accelerate business transformation - Story of Hotmob

TRACK 6 – Insights Thru DATA & AI

  • Accelerate insights with a new natural language-driven analytics experience in BigQuery

  • Harnessing large language models in BigQuery to activate your data

  • How L’Oréal and Carrefour securely share and monetize data with BigQuery data clean rooms

TRACK 7 – Gen AI in Application Modernization

  • Deliver meaningful data to AI and automate tasks within SaaS workflows using Application Integration

  • Craft real-world Generative AI Java in Cloud Run

  • Migrate legacy workload with no-code modernization

TRACK 8 – Gen AI in Collaboration

  • Cultivate a culture of learning in your organization with Gemini

  • Become an Expert in Advanced, Multi-turn Prompting in Gemini for Google Workspace

  • Securing the Future of Work: Advanced AI-Powered Data Protection in Workspace

TRACK 9 – Gen AI in Data Management/Infrastructure Modernization

  • The future of databases and Generative AI

  • Rock-solid business continuity and data protection on Google Cloud

  • Modern Cloud Computing: Workload-optimized and AI-powered infrastructure

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