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Microsoft Hong Kong ignites infinite possibilities with industry-ready innovations

Microsoft Industry Fair showcases industry solutions backed by Microsoft Cloud to support organizations to do more with less

Digital transformation is no longer just a competitive edge, but critical for business resilience, and digital transformation is imperative in facilitating industry innovation. Microsoft Hong Kong today unveiled the Microsoft Industry Fair, offering a series of industry digital solutions across four areas – Consumer Goods & Retail, Smart Cities, Financial Services, and Sustainability, to showcase the latest innovation of 36 partners, supported by Microsoft Cloud combining industry expertise, to achieve the goal of doing more with less.

  • Consumer Goods & Retail Retail and omnichannel businesses are evolving. Retailers desire a clear and intuitive end-to-end overview of consumers to better understand their shopping behaviors. At the event, Microsoft partners showcase a series of digital solutions that enables the delivery of seamless retail and e-commerce experience while enhancing competitiveness with strategic planning.

  • Smart Cities An array of technologies to improve quality of life, drive economic growth, and deliver flexible, resilient, and secure infrastructure, is the key to building smart cities. A series of partner solutions that empower property management, logistics, supply chain, utility, and government agencies are exhibited to demonstrate innovation transformation by leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and other cutting-edge solutions.

  • Finance Services Digital trends have drastically transformed financial institutions in terms of operations and providing new impetus to seamless digital service without replacing traditional systems. Microsoft partners showcase technology that accelerates innovation for sustainable growth and optimizes risk management on the trusted cloud, providing capabilities to manage data to deliver differentiated experiences, combat financial crime, and facilitate security.

  • Sustainability Sustainability is a fast-rising concern in Hong Kong. Customers are increasingly conscious of the importance of sustainable business practices and demand products and services that fit with their ethos. At Industry Fair, Microsoft partners demonstrate solutions to help customers achieve business and sustainability goals by reducing energy consumption, streamlining processes, and waste management.

“In view of the challenging global economic situation, industries nowadays are looking not just to create impact faster, but to prioritize the investments that will drive the most business outcome.,” said Kelvin Tse, Director of Global Partner Solutions, Microsoft Hong Kong. “At today’s Microsoft Industry Fair, we are thrilled to have our trusted partners to showcase an array of easy-to-deploy industry-ready solutions, powered by Microsoft Cloud technology. Organizations can do more with less by eliminating operating costs, optimizing business performance, and transcending boundaries with tailored industry solutions on the secure Microsoft Cloud platforms.”

“We are in the midst of global marco-economic challenges, businesses’ priorities are to navigate through the headwinds and tackle talent shortage, to realize the idea of ‘Do More With Less’, “ added Maria Hui, Chief Operating Officer, Microsoft Hong Kong. “72% of the industry’s pace of digital transformation has accelerated to leverage cloud technology to achieve more of the business potential, readily available solutions and low code development approach have therefore become critical. Given the surging demand from all industries to transform to the cloud, our allyship with partners to provide industry solutions in the Microsoft Cloud becomes more important than ever.”

More than 400 business leaders and IT professionals from various industries attended the event today, gathering to learn more about how technology combined with industry expertise can create innovation.

Partners collaborating with Microsoft Hong Kong for the initiative include:

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