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The Bit Best Elite Leaders Summit held in Dubai concluded successfully

The 2023 Bit Best Elite Leaders Summit, an event led by Bit Best, concluded on August 24th in Dubai. Under the theme of "Web3 and Decentralized Finance (DeFi)" , the Summit delved into the intricacies of Web3.0 innovation, fostering a comprehensive exploration of both theory and practice. This event showcased Bit Best's preeminence in global financial innovation and its role as a torchbearer in the realm of Web3 finance.

The Summit gathered nearly a hundred pioneers of the Web3 era, experts, scholars, and elite leaders to discuss opportunities in the new wave of Web3 trends.

Bernard Ridder, CEO of Bit Best, said at the Summit: "BTC began with electronic cash, ETH expanded with smart contracts, and Bit Best removed financial limits, pushing blockchain to limitless potential."

Uniswap led the first wave of the DeFi world. However, the "Uniswap" moment for on-chain derivatives had not arrived. But now, the moment of change has officially arrived.

Ms. Ulviyya Ahmadova, COO of Bit Best, shared Why Bit Best Could Achieve Success:

"Immutable Sovereignty:

Bit Best's data relies on a decentralized protocol; no single entity can modify it without authorization.

Complete Decentralization:

Bit Best is fully decentralized, capturing a broader range of quant strategies based on a basket of index liquidity proofs.


The openness of the blockchain ensures that every data source and operation in Bit Best maintains high transparency.

Control Over Decentralized Code Execution:

By implementing a multi-signature mechanism, any change to the smart contract must be audited by Bit Best.

The perfect integration of these four elements makes Bit Best a product of the new blockchain era. Bit Best aims to reshape the map of the DeFi world, heralding the "Uniswap" moment for on-chain derivatives."

Bit Best's Three Major Token Economies:

1. PDE


3. Index Fund

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