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Transforming sports and entertainment means picking the right partners and the right tech

MWC Barcelona is the largest and most influential event for the connectivity ecosystem. Whether you’re a global mobile operator, device manufacturer, technology provider, vendor, content owner, or are simply interested in the future of tech, you need to be here.

It’s the place to find out where the industry, your business and your career are headed. Miss out on MWC Barcelona, miss out on the next 12 months.

In sports and entertainment, success hinges on delivering consistent bursts of instant gratification – a rapid-fire succession of thrills that captivate audiences and keep them coming back for more. In recent years, mobile technology has emerged as an invaluable ally to these industries, providing innovative ways to elevate an experience with fresh excitement and essential, complementary information. The effects of this technology can be immediate and widespread, providing high-impact results for those who choose to adopt it.

Selecting the appropriate technology or finding the right partner to underpin such solutions, however, is a crucial and sometimes challenging process – but there is a route to making informed decisions with minimal ambiguity or delay. MWC Barcelona’s Connected Industries in Hall 4 is a hub for investors, decision-makers and thought leaders from both the sports and entertainment sectors, as well as more horizontally-focused tech companies. Sitting at the heart of MWC, Connected Industries in Hall 4 is a spectacle of solution demos, live events, and networking lounges — and the perfect place to strike up valuable business connections.

The state of the market is neatly summarised in Capgemini’s Sport’s Tech report: “technology now plays a vital part in many aspects of sports – enhancing the viewing experience, encouraging fan engagement, assisting teams and players to increase performance, and more.” Extensive research underscores the growing appetite for mobile tech in providing unique, engaging experiences from both the comfort of homes and bustling stadiums. Oracle’s Stadiums Without Borders report for example, demonstrates a strong appetite for immersive AR solutions: 64% of fans would like to engage with their favourite teams in the metaverse, while 38% would prefer to view sports stats on their own device.

Amidst this tech-driven enthusiasm, consumers in the sports and entertainment sectors are also seeking practical solutions. The same report reveals that 53% of respondents favour ordering goods at a stadium through technology rather than in-person services. Whether it’s provision of high-quality networks for myriad high-density stadium applications or facilitating interactions with teams and fans from your living room, the sports and entertainment industry is rich with opportunity.

The most penetrating insights, case studies and successful deployments across the globe will be exhibited at the Connected Industries Stage, which will feature a dedicated Sports and Entertainment Summit. The Summit will be led by the most influential and innovative companies and experts from across each sector, each providing unique perspectives on how mobile solutions can improve services and add value.

Composed of multiple sessions, the event is designed to address key challenges and strategic opportunities for the great variety of companies occupying this ecosystem. Speakers will explain how to get the most out of the disparate technology involved at every stage of the customer journey. This includes everything from the implementation of distributed antenna systems needed to support applications in high-density scenarios, improving back-room operations, cashier-less stadium services, and the incorporation of AR and haptic experiences.

With Connected Industries in Hall 4 hosting so many companies crucial to the future of sports and entertainment, it’s the single best opportunity in the calendar to meet the right people and forge the right commercial partnerships.

The Connected Industries stage in Hall 4 is sponsored by Accenture and Tonomus Neom

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