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TrialJectory's AI-Powered, Clinical Trial-Matching Platform selected for 100 Best Inventions of 2020

TIME Selects TrialJectory's AI-Powered, Clinical Trial-Matching Platform for '100 Best Inventions of 2020' List

TrialJectory ("the Company"), an AI-powered digital health platform that empowers cancer patients to find advanced new treatment options that fit their precise profiles, announced today that TIME has selected the Company's patient-first, clinical trial-matching platform for its "100 Best Inventions of 2020" annual list.

"Millions of Americans are currently suffering from cancer while also facing major difficulties navigating the complex, jargon-y world of clinical trials. This is unacceptable since these trials often provide better alternatives and result in better outcomes than the standard of care," said Tzvia Bader, CEO and co-founder, TrialJectory. "AI is the key to democratizing cancer care for all patients – no matter where they are located or their socioeconomic status – and this is at the heart of TrialJectory's work. Through technology, for the first time ever, patients now have a clear voice and say in their treatment journey, allowing them to effectively partner with their oncologists to determine the best plan for their individual diagnoses."

Completely free for cancer patients, TrialJectory's platform mimics the mind of an oncologist to discover all available clinical trial information in a way that a single doctor does not have the time or ability to do on his or her own. In addition to trial-matching, TrialJectory's Treatment Finder tool is the world's first technology that allows cancer patients across the U.S. to view real-world treatment data from other patients who have the same medical profile – i.e., the same cancer type, the same stage, the same genetic mutations and biomarkers – along with the treatment's outcome / remission rate, whether patients experienced disease progression or toxicity and much more.

TrialJectory SaaS intelligence platform, Patient Match Optimizer, allows pharmaceutical companies for the first time ever to identify patient barriers in their journey to participating in clinical trials. From operational to design barriers, the platform uncovers factors that go into a patient's early decision-making process during clinical trial pre-screening, which can directly impact trial recruitment and retention, and uses real-time real-world patient data to identify gaps within the trial design. By giving Big Pharma and CROs visibility into the data and predicting areas for optimization, the platform enables Pharma to shorten the enrollment period, reduce costs, and expedite time to market, ultimately bringing lifesaving drugs to the market sooner for patients in need.

To assemble the "100 Best Innovations of 2020" list, TIME editors and correspondents around the world solicited nominations, which were then evaluated on key factors that included originality, creativity, effectiveness, ambition and impact.


About TrialJectory

TrialJectory is a patient-first digital health company with a mission to democratize access to advanced cancer treatment. Recognized by TIME as one of "The 100 Best Inventions of 2020," TrialJectory uses artificial intelligence (AI) to empower patients to own their cancer journey and analyzes its global patient community's real-world data to empower cancer patients to make the most informed decisions about their care.


SOURCE: TrialJectory

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